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Profile Overview

Velo Morti

Bolian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Senior Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Morti


Supply/Morale Officer
USS Phoenix (Archive)


The Phoenix’s resident scrounge, Velo Morti is the supply and morale officer. Like Jarvis, Morti lacks traditional Starfleet discipline. Unlike Jarvis, he has no ambition for advancement. The connections he has made through various trade deals have been lucrative for the supply officer to the degree that moving up in the ranks would merely hinder his business practice. He is not above reaching out to black market and underworld contacts (on both sides of the Neutral Zones) when a specialty item is needed, and his superiors have often turned a blind eye to him in those rare instances. As the most senior noncommissioned officer on the Phoenix, Morti has reluctantly taken on a few leadership responsibilities, but his execution of those responsibilities matches his enthusiasm for them.