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Commander Jack Conrad has bailed his helmsman and navigator out of the brig and broken bad news to a friend that his Starfleet reserve status had been reactivated, and it's not even noon. Will the U.S.S. Phoenix launch on time to begin its important mission of testing new Starfleet technology?

USS Phoenix (Archive)

Task Force 93

The year is 2288. The cold war between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon and Romulan empires is at a fever pitch, with each government putting more and more resources toward the construction of outposts along all sides of the neutral zones separating them.

In an attempt to silence criticism that Starfleet was becoming too military, the Federation Council ordered Starfleet to initiate a starship improvement project with little to no military overtones. Starfleet decided to focus on the workhorse of the fleet, the undervalued Oberth-class scout.

U.S.S. Phoenix/NCC-618

Following her 20 years of active duty service, the Oberth-class U.S.S. Phoenix/NCC-618 was reassigned to Starfleet’s Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) as a testbed for new starship technology under the operational command of project manager Commander Jack Conrad. The ship’s home port is Federation Outpost 68, codenamed Meridian Station.

Following an extensive overhaul at Meridian Station, the starship Phoenix can separate into two sections. Its saucer section, which includes the ship’s only shuttlebay, can detach from the engineering section and is capable of planetary landing, acting as a planetside base from which to coordinate planetary survey operations and transmit data to the orbiting engineering section.

The design also incorporates changeable secondary hulls, including a sensor/probe package (current configuration), cargo container docking assembly (under construction), fore and aft torpedo pod for corvette configuration (under construction) and an additional two warp nacelles for high-speed couriers (under development).

Federation Outpost 68 – Meridian Station

Located in the Alpha Lumina star system, code named Meridian for it approximate equidistance between Earth and the edge of the Klingon and Romulan neutral zones. Meridian system is the home of Federation Outpost 68 – Meridian Station. The station orbits Meridian VI, a lifeless moon that houses the ground support base for the orbital station and its five drydock frames.

USS Phoenix dedication plaque

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10 March 2022

Chapter 5 - Mission Briefing

USS Phoenix: Consequences

Captain’s log supplemental. We have rendezvoused with Dr. Grant’s shuttle and, at his insistence, I have gathered the senior officers and Petty Officer Rodriguez for a briefing on the situation on Mercia VII. “The Federation Science Council’s Project Duck Blind is a relatively new [...]

12 January 2022

Chapter 5 - Two Days

USS Phoenix: Consequences

Meanwhile on Mercia VII… It had not taken long for Simon Rasmussen to exhaust his survival options in the woods. The wildlife had gotten wise to his snares, and the meager provisions he’d been able to gather from nature, while technically enough to keep him alive, were not substantial enough [...]

22 December 2021

Chapter 4 - Of Father Figures

USS Phoenix: Consequences

Ensigns Red Jarvis and Jimmy Robinson stood in line in the Phoenix mess behind a female Ktarian petty officer, who was at the food synthesizer ordering dinner. In most officer and enlisted integrated messes, officers did not wait behind enlisted for meals, but Captain Conrad had issued a standing [...]

13 December 2021

Chapter 3 - Stumbling Into Command

USS Phoenix: Consequences

At the bridge science station, Lieutenant Commander T’Prana familiarized herself with the planet Mercia VII – geography, atmospheric composition, cultural development, geology, flora, fauna and anything else she thought Commander Conrad would ask when she briefed him on the planet later. [...]