Khaled al Rashid's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Commander

    • Tom has been an active member of Task Force 93 since the beginning of the new model that started in April of last year. Since then he has racked up 27 duty ribbons between his game the USS Avenger and another game that he is a member of. He has also done fiction writing on the forums earning himself 25 service ribbons. He has also entered in 11 competitions placing in 8 of those. He has also earned a Meritorious Service Cross award for his work as the Graphics Director. He is always willing to help others out whether it be in graphics or other areas when he has a moment to spare. Because of this, I believe he deserves this promotion to the rank of Commander.

      — Captain Azras Dex, Task Force 93 Commanding Officer

      Tom, also known as OneTrekMind, stepped into the role of Graphics Director in August 2020 and has become an invaluable asset to the fleet. At the time, the Graphics Team consisted of a few Bravo Fleet Command members who helped out during their free time – there was little organization and even less structure. Tom brought the team back to operational status and played a vital role in making the graphics service what it is today. Our graphics service is a group effort, but with many members serving in other positions, the responsibility fell on Tom to keep the team organized. He has successfully performed this duty, even managing to keep BFC members on task fulfilling requests. Tom is a gifted artist and has proven his leadership abilities time again.

      Congratulations on your promotion, Tom! Thank you for your contributions to Bravo Fleet!

      — Adm Elizabeth Wolf, BFXO & BFIO

    23 March 2021
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    • -Reached Level 7 On Discord
      -Placed in 3 Bravo Fleet Competitions
      -Joined the Graphics Department
      -Have 5 characters listed on the BFMS
      -Received the Meritorious Service Cross Award

    10 November 2020
  • Promoted to Lieutenant

    • Promotion Activity:

      • Reached Level 6 on the Bravo Fleet Discord
      • Listed 3 characters on BFMS
      • Placed in a Bravo Fleet Competition
      • Created a well-developed biography on the BFMS
    28 July 2020
  • 23 April 2020