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Profile Overview

Seymour Babish

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commodore Commodore Babish


ASDB Manager, Meridian Station
USS Phoenix (Archive)


Commodore Seymour Babish oversees all ASDB projects assigned to Meridian Station, and tries to keep as tight a rein as possible on them. He is an incessant micromanager. Leaders on the Phoenix project, including Conrad and Hennessy, agree that the Phoenix overhaul succeeded in spite of Babish, not because of his leadership. Babish’s relationship with the Phoenix project engineers, specifically Ned Hennessy, is strained, particularly because his wife, Madeline, is among the civilians assigned as support to the Starfleet engineering staff. He resents the friendly rapport Hennessy has developed with Madeline, and arranges to reactivate Hennessy’s reserve status, assigning Ned as the Phoenix chief engineer.