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Profile Overview

Red Jarvis

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Ensign Jarvis


USS Phoenix (Archive)


Cut from the same cloth as most hotshot astronaut test pilots of the late 20th century, Red Jarvis is the Phoenix’s helmsman, primary shuttlecraft pilot and astrophysicist. He is a gifted helm officer in his improvisational approach to piloting starships and other craft, though his brash nature has hindered his professional advancement. He was a student of Jack Conrad’s at Starfleet Academy and later served under Conrad in the ASDB test pilot program before being drummed out of the group for an incident of misconduct involving one of the wives of a dignitary from Argelius II. Because of his lack of discipline, Red has not advanced through the ranks with most of his graduating class, who are now junior grade or full lieutenants, one of the few things that wounds his pride.