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Part of USS Odyssey: Something Old, Something New

‘Till Death Do Us Part

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), Gradin Belt, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 77479.51
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“Captain’s log stardate seven-seven-four-seven-nine point five-one. Two weeks have passed since our encounter with the Hazari bounty hunters was resolved. Long-range sensors have yet to pick up any of their vessels. I am hoping we are now in the clear. Starfleet has ordered the Odyssey back to the centre of the Gradin Belt for the time being. We are heading to Quarra, where we will be representing the Federation in trade talks. Meanwhile, our journey has given the crew a chance to celebrate the marriage of two of Odyssey’s finest.”

The Auditorium was packed with almost everyone on the ship. The room had been rearranged to allow the wedding ceremony to be set up in a traditional format. Aisles of chairs were facing the huge tall bay windows, and a small staged area had been set up to allow the wedding party to stand during the ceremony. Standing in the centre of the raised podium in full dress uniform, Captain McCallister smiled at the two men before him. Also, in dress uniforms, they both had smirks across their faces. Everyone around them was grinning. This was indeed a happy day on the Odyssey

Clearing his throat, the captain started. “We’re gathered here today, not as Starfleet officers, but as friends and family, to celebrate the marriage of Commander Duncan and Master Chief Court.” He paused to take a breath. McCallister didn’t want to rush the ceremony. “As Captain, the honour of joining these two people has fallen to me, and I couldn’t be prouder to see such a blessed union take place. However, before I declare them husband and husband, the happy couple has prepared their own vowels.”

Court went first. “I know what we have has been created in a short amount of time, but in that time, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend it with. This journey we have been on has been eventful and the family we’ve started,” The master chief paused to smile at their two sons that stood just behind them, “is one I cannot wait to finish building with you and enjoy doing so. Thank you.”

Smiling at the sentiment from his fiancé, Duncan then spoke up. “I wasn’t looking for anyone, but you appeared, and in that moment, I found the best friend I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. You make me laugh, you make me smile, and everything you have given to this relationship has only given me the strength inside to be the man I am now. I love what we’ve started with these two,” Duncan indicated with a glance at both his sons, “I cannot wait for what the future awaits us together.”

“Tobias Finlay Court, do you accept this man as your husband, to love and cherish above all others for as long as you both shall live?” McCallister asked.

Court’s smile got wider as he answered. “I do.”

Turning to his first officer, McCallister continued. “And do you, Maxwell Jack Duncan, accept this man as your husband, to love and cherish above all others for as long as you both shall live?”

Squeezing Court’s hand and smiling still, Duncan agreed. “I do.”

McCallister gestured for the rings to come forward from the two best men, the sons that the entire ship had put their lives on the line for. Court was first to present his ring onto Duncan’s finger, and he turned to the captain to wait for him to say the next part. 

“These rings symbolise your love for each other and your promise to abide by the vows you’ve made today,” McCallister stated.

Court took the first ring and squeezed it onto Duncan’s finger. “ With this ring, I thee wed.”

“With this ring, I thee wed.” Duncan echoed as he did the same thing to Court.

Both men then looked to their captain. McCallister took one more breath as he spoke the words they wanted to hear. “Commander Duncan, Master Chief Court, with the power vested in me by Starfleet Command and the United Federation of Planets, I now pronounce you husband and husband.” Everyone started to cheer, and McCallister noticed his first officer was giving him a slight glare. “You can kiss him now, Number One.”

Pleased with that last statement, Duncan pulled Court close to him, and both men embraced into a long kiss in front of their shipmates, who congratulated them and clapped as the formal part of their ceremony ended. 

Turning around to face the crowd, hand in hand, both men’s faces were still smiling as they walked down the aisle and were covered by confetti as they walked passed everyone. 

The wedding reception was in full swing, and the Auditorium’s own house band played a range of songs picked by the happy couple while everyone was helping themselves to food and drink. Captain McCallister watched as his crew enjoyed the party, leaning on the bar with a flute of champagne in his hands. He was approached by his chief science officer and second officer, who, like him, wore full dress uniform and was holding a flute too. Over the last few days, he had seen a different side to her. Her more compassionate side had been displayed after both Jorgeh and Wylem had requested to change their names to the human ones they used to bluff the Hazari with. Though Banfield had not encouraged it, she had been there for both boys to understand the impact of the change. Horin, in her capacity as ship’s counsellor, had said she felt this was still part of them dealing with the grief of what had happened to them on the Quirennal. Duncan and Court had initially not been on board with it, but they eventually agreed when they saw how much it made their sons happier. With the help of Tomaz and Flemen, Banfield had pointed out that while they remained in the Delta Quadrant, keeping up appearances wasn’t a bad idea either. Sylvexs had said that work on their DNA would last a bit longer; nothing stopped her from using the same method if they were ever rechallenged about the boys’ Ryslanti heritage. So, for now, the records on them being human and the offspring of Duncan and Court had remained. Banfield also knew that she would be acting first officer with Duncan and Court taking a couple of weeks off to have their honeymoon on one of the holodecks. As such, she was starting to show this new side to her that McCallister liked: someone who understood his style of leadership, someone who respected it and was prepared to put the crew first. Even Duncan, who initially didn’t like the commander’s attitude, was starting to appreciate her approach to things. Her being there for his sons had made the biggest of differences. 

“Are you not a dancer, commander?” McCallister asked Banfield.

She chuckled in response. “I am, but my husband isn’t the greatest at it.”

“I’m sure Carter isn’t that bad,” McCallister responded with a small laugh, acknowledging her husband, standing on the other side of the room talking to a group of lieutenants. 

“I assure you, sir, at an embassy reception last year, he fell over and knocked over a tray of canapés over the Klingon ambassador to Mellstoxx Three. He almost caused a diplomatic incident,” Banfield explained. “Are you okay, sir?”

“I’m fine,” McCallister replied as he smirked at trying to imagine how Banfield prevented her husband from having to engage in some Klingon combat ritual. Speaking quietly, he asked her the one question that went through his mind all afternoon, “did you speak to Tobias about, you know what?”

Banfield took a sip of her glass, then inhaled a breath before nodding. “I did,” She answered.

“And? Did it happen?” He asked. 

The science officer carefully looked at her superior before and slowly shook her head. “I’m afraid not, sir.”

Confused by that answer, McCallister stood up and looked at her. “Did we somehow miss it?”

“The chief told me that he waited at the time you shared with us after the Century Storm, but he said the past version of Lieutenant Commander Jen did not appear,” She shared. “I’ve been running scans of the side room all day; there’s been no one else in there besides the chief when he got ready before the ceremony started.”

Placing his glass down on the bar, he turned himself away from the rest of the crowd. “But if that didn’t happen…”

“…then somehow, somewhere, the timeline has changed, sir,” Banfield confirmed. “I’m sorry.”

“Bridge to Captain McCallister,” spoke Penelope, the ship’s ECH, over the intercom. Penelope was currently commanding the bridge while everyone else attended the wedding. 

Annoyed by the interruption, McCallister tapped his combadge in response. “This better be important, Penelope,” He snapped at her.

 “Sorry to disturb you, sir, but we’ve just witnessed the opening and closing of a vortex off our starboard bow. A small unmanned probe left it and is matching our course and speed. It is Federation in origin, but we cannot match it to any probe in our database. It is hailing us and asking for you personally.”

“Standby, Commander Banfield and I will be up there in a moment,” McCallister responded before he gestured for the science officer to come with him to the bridge. 

Moments later, McCallister stepped off the turbolift with Banfield behind him onto the bridge. There on the viewscreen showed an image of the probe that Penelope mentioned. Joining where she stood just behind the helm and ops station, McCallister asked the hologram for an update.

“Nothing besides its continuing hail for you, sir,” She answered. 

“Then open a channel,” He ordered. 

Banfield had moved to the science station to review the sensor logs and see what else she could find out for her captain. 

Once the channel was open, the holo communicator came to life, and a hologram of Karyn Reyas appeared. She looked almost the same as she did the last day that she was seen by the crew. 

“Karyn?” McCallister said, shocked to see a photonic version of his wife before him. Before it responded to her, the captain ordered for the bridge to be cleared except for Banfield. He didn’t want anything classified being shared with the rest of the bridge crew. Penelope deactivated herself before McCallister allowed for the hologram of his wife to continue. 

“Hi James,” The hologram said with a sweet smile, “if you’re seeing this holo-recording, then the probe we have sent to your timeline has arrived at the right point in which we’ve determined that divergence has taken place.”

“Divergence?” McCallister questioned and looked at Banfield, who appeared clueless like him, before turning back to the hologram. “I don’t understand.”

“I can’t explain too much, Temporal Prime Directive and all, but by now, you would have worked out that what you engaged with during the Century Storm paradox has not followed events that you were expecting. The biggest one being Max and Tobias’ wedding.” Hologram Karyn smiled. “I know this isn’t the news you were hoping to hear, but I hope it goes someway.” The hologram paused before what looked like a sensor reading appeared. “I entered an alternate future while trying to seal the subspace rift that had caused the damage to the Odyssey while it was in the Paulson Nebula at the start of the year. That alternate future has now been closed off from your timeline. From what our temporal scientists tell me, our two timelines have split from one another and cannot be undone. However, we have sent this probe with this message to tell you to cease your efforts in preparing for whatever you think will happen.”

“But what about you? You should be here with us.” McCallister challenged, almost sounding heartbroken at what he was hearing. 

 “I’m afraid I’m what they call a fixed point in time,” Reyas answered, “Well, that’s what our Krenim allies categorise it as. We’ve run hundreds of simulations, and my attempt to return will cause a massive temporal incursion that will damage both timelines. I know this isn’t what you want, it’s the same for me, but I want you to know I’m happy and safe. I’m with you, well alternate future you and I have a good life. Our sons are prospering, especially Alfie. So please, James, don’t worry anymore. Go live your life and find someone else to enjoy it with. I know you won’t want to, but I promise you everything is fine. I’ve left recorded messages for the boys and everyone else on the Odyssey in this probe, along with data that will help explain to the Department of Temporal Investigations what happened and how.” She paused, tilted her head at him and smiled. “We may meet again someday, but just in case it doesn’t, just know that I love you, James Preston Harvey McCallister, with all my heart. Goodbye, my sweetheart.”

The hologram then faded into existence. 

Captain McCallister stood there for a moment. In silence. Unable to say anything from the shock. 

“Corella, bring that probe into the shuttle bay and secure it.” He ordered, “then get me Starfleet Command.”

“Aye, sir,” Banfield answered as she, like her captain, had too many questions and ideas all running through her mind alongside the surprise turn of events that had just happened. She looked at her captain, and for the first time in ages, his confident expression was replaced with one of uncertainty mixed with anger and sadness. 

She had been there herself and knew how he was feeling, but for now, the Century Storm paradox had apparently passed the Odyssey. For the first time, Banfield wondered just how much of the ship’s destiny was now left to the unknown instead of the certainty. 

Things were going to change. 

For better or worse.