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Profile Overview

Tobias Duncan-Court

Human Male

Character Information


Command Master Chief & Master Chief of Administration
USS Odyssey


Master Chief Petty Officer


Tobias Finlay Duncan-Court

22nd August 2362



Tobias Finlay Duncan-Court is a Starfleet enlisted officer and the current Yeoman to Captain McCallister on board the Federation starship USS Odyssey. He also serves in the dual role of Chief of the Boat. Tobias, or Tobi to his friends and colleagues, has been in service for many years now, he is noted as being extremely efficient at administrative duties. Along with that he has become a trustworthy confidant of McCallister as well as godfather to the captain’s three sons. Court has considered becoming an officer, but enjoys his work in the enlisted service. No longer is he the young administrative that joined McCallister back in 2386, this seasoned officer is known to be able to hold himself against officers who think they are greater than him. That said he is well-liked by many.


With blue eyes and light brown hair, Tobias is a handsome young man. He has a slim, but athletic build and is of medium height. As befitting a proper yeoman and master chief, his uniform is always immaculate on duty. Off duty, he tends to wear comfortable, modest clothing. During his time on the Odyssey, he has matured with his hair from shaving it all off to its current incarnation of it being swept back and to one side. Alongside this, he has grown some stubble to avoid being called ‘young’.

  • Height: 5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue


Personality & Traits

Professional, well-read, and efficient, Tobias is an excellent yeoman.  He is extremely versed in Starfleet procedure and is able to anticipate the captain’s needs. He is always friendly and polite to his shipmates and to guests and maintains a close working relationship with the Captain himself, which very much resembles a brotherly bond. The two play weekly games of velocity, and fencing, alongside this Tobias has learnt spring ball from him.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Tobias’ main strengths are his attention to detail and his caring personality. He enjoys working for the captain to ensure that the day-to-day aspects of paperwork get done so that the ship can carry on with its mission. With a degree in literature, he is not very adept at solving technical problems but over the years has learnt a lot from those around him.


Tobias is not especially ambitious, but his experiences aboard the Odyssey led him to consider completing further training. Through everything he has done, he has become one of the most competent and experienced master chiefs in the fleet. Though he had the ambition to become an officer, he has found his work in enlisted affairs more satisfying.  He would also like, one day, to be a published author.


Political Information

  • Affiliation: Starfleet, United Federation of Planets


  • Mother: Winston Court, M.D. – Chief of Neurosurgery, Ottawa General Hospital
  • Father: Alexandra Court-Baines, PhD. – Professor of Sociology, University of Ontario
  • Husband: Max Court-Duncan, Starfleet Commander of the USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
  • Son: Jordan ‘Jorgeh’ Luke Duncan-Court, Starfleet Cadet of the USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
  • Son: William ‘Wylem’ Nathan Winston Duncan-Court
  • Godson: Theodore McCallister-Reyas
  • Godson: Alfie McCallister-Reyas, Starfleet Cadet of the USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
  • Godson: Henri McCallister-Reyas

Early Life

Born in Ottawa on Earth, Tobias Court was the only child of Alexandra and Winston Court. From birth, he was doted on by both, and there was always a plan for the direction that his life would take. His father was his surgeon and his mother was a sociologist, and both of them had a desire for him also to enter academia. As a small child, he was sent to the best private schools and was afforded little time for recreation, though he did pick up fencing and chess during High School.

With high grades up through secondary school, his mother secured him a place at the University of Ontario, hoping that he would major in science. Instead, he chose to study literature, much to the chagrin of both parents. Even though his life was still under a lot of constraints by his parents, he found the college experience to be immensely entertaining, due to the fact that he had the chance to study what he wanted.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Enlisted Training Command

Upon enlistment, Tobias was sent to the Starfleet Enlisted Training Command facility on Mars, which suited him fine. In his early training, he found himself somewhat unprepared for the amount of physical exertion that was expected during basic training. As an only child who was used to having his own room, he found sharing a barracks space with thirty nine others also to be something of a cause for pause, but he managed his way through six months of basic training.

He selected Clerical and Administrative Services as his specialization, and underwent a further six months of training, learning the proper form to put reports in, the etiquette of various Federation member worlds, and how best to ensure the smooth running of the minutiae of a Starfleet command structure.

Starfleet Command

Upon promotion to Crewman, he was sent to Starfleet Command, where he worked as a Junior Administrative Assistant on the staff of the Deputy Chief of Starfleet Communications, where he saw to the needs of visiting dignitaries, helped arrange conferences and briefings, and further learned the ropes of Starfleet service. After a year, he was promoted to Yeoman Third Class, in which capacity he served as the Admiral’s receptionist, primarily. He enjoyed this job, because it allowed him a lot of free time to read and write, while also being able to interact with a wide variety of beings.

USS Triton (NCC-80106)

As he worked longer and longer at Starfleet Command, he began to desire the opportunity to experience what most want, when joining the fleet – service on a vessel of exploration. His consistent service record of reliable service made him a good candidate for such service, and his transfer request was granted in the form of an assignment to the newly refitted USS Triton as the Yeoman to Captain James McCallister. Court worked extremely well with Captain McCallister and the two would share a weekly session in the ship’s gym in a fencing session. In mid-2386 the captain taught Tobias how to play velocity and they would add this to their interests they would share on a weekly basis. Court had been noted by many as being able to anticipate the captain’s needs exceptionally quick. While on Triton, Tobias began to date the ship’s Gamma Shift Operations Officer Ensign Lukiz Smith. Being part of Lukiz’s group of friends, brought the enlisted man out further. T’Rani, the gamma shift’s flight control officer, started to give Tobias flying lessons on the holodeck. She noted he was a natural in his first attempt. When he wasn’t on duty, or hanging out with Lukiz, Tobias volunteered to undertake training within the security division.

By the end of the year, the captain had been impressed with his yeoman’s eagerness to better himself, so as a way to recognise this he promoted Court to Petty Officer First Class and recommended him to consider taking his enlistment training service further. He gave Court a year to work towards in becoming a Chief Petty Officer. Court had accepted the challenge with confidence. Around the same time, the ship was given orders to rescue the Federation colony on Kovar and Deep Space 19 from being attacked. However, their efforts resulted in the Triton coming under fire instead and inflected with heavy damage and mass causalities. Court ended up taking the helm of the Triton during mid-battle while McCallister was forced to take a position at the tactical station due to those at those stations being injured. Between the two of them, they were able to avoid the ship being lost and won the day. For his valour in flying the ship mid-battle, the captain awarded him with a commendation in his permanent record.

While the Triton was taking to the Beta Antares Shipyards for major repairs, the entire crew were re-assigned elsewhere. Captain McCallister, offered Tobias a position on the new USS Odyssey. Not only would he be his yeoman, but he would also take up the position of Chief of the Boat. Overwhelmed by the encouragement and vote of confidence from McCallister, Court felt he could not turn the man down. He agreed. Sadly though Tobias’ relationship with Lukiz ended. Lukiz, during the battle to save Kovar and DS-19, underwent emergency surgery to become host to a Trill symbiont. This joining ended up changing Lukiz and he needed to work out who he was. To avoid heartache for Tobias, he felt it was best they called it a day. Distraught by it all, Tobias finally accepted Lukiz’s position and watched as he left to return home to Trill.

USS Odyssey (NX/NCC-80000)

Returning to Earth prior to the launch of the new Odyssey, Tobias was able to see his family and share with them his experiences. Eventually, he joined the new ship a few days before it left the San Francisco Shipyards.

The new, bigger ship was a challenge for him, but he rose to the occasion as McCallister had predicted. By mid-2387, McCallister made a personal request that Tobias become the godfather to his recently born triplet sons. Not needing any time to think about it, Tobias agreed to look out for his new godsons: Theodore, Alfie and Henri. Automatically he become ‘Uncle Tobi’ and the three boys adored him.

The following year, Odyssey lost McCallister when he left to take command of the USS Avenger for a year. Court remained on the Odyssey, assisting Commander Zack Hawkins (the first officer) in running the ship in the captain’s absence. During this time, the ship was given quite a few easy and mundane orders within the confines of the Federation space. As a result, the crew morale started to dip. Court took on the role of morale officer and working with others began organising weekly events on the ship for people to attend. From movie nights to musical performances, to velocity tournaments as well as celebrating a range of festivals from across the Federation’s multi-cultural backgrounds. He ended 2388 by dressing up as Father Christmas for the children on the ship.

The captain returned and was impressed at how well Court had kept the crew’s morale up during a difficult period of time. In 2391, after Commander Hawkins’ departure, after making Cambil his first officer, the captain promoted Court to Senior Chief Petty Officer. It was around this time also that Lukiz returned to the fold, no longer the same man since his joining. Court and he decided that for now they would remain as friends. Something that Tobias preferred as he had already started to see others.

By 2399, Tobias was known as the ‘power behind the throne’ among the enlisted crewmembers due to his close relationships with the ship’s three most senior officers: Captain McCallister, Commander Cambil and Commander Reyas. Court would often babysit his godsons and started to take an interest in history and archaeology, thanks to Commander Reyas sharing with him her field of expertise. The two would often talk about various periods of time from different cultures over coffee. If he was sharing a meal with McCallister and Reyas, then he would be having a game of Bajoran Springball with Cambil.

Responsible for the managing and organisation of many promotion ceremonies on the ship, Tobias had organised something a little bit special when several members of the senior staff were all promoted at the same time. Borrowing a copy of the holoprogram used by others in the fleet, Tobias recreated a nineteenth-century galleon (also named Odyssey) so the senior staff could celebrate the promotions of T’Rani, Lenjir and Jen. By this time, Court had established himself as an integral part of the senior staff, assisting the captain and first officer in coordinating efforts across every department. He had also struck a good friendship with Commander Hunsen and Counsellor Duncan, regularly having meals with them in the ship’s Auditorium. 

When the ship was involved in the Archanis Campaign, Court treated Captain McCallister after he was knocked unconscious during the first battle against the Hunters of D’Ghor. Commander Duncan assumed temporary command of Odyssey, with Court assisting him with every moment thereafter. Court, along with Jen, repelled Klingon invaders while attempting to rescue his godsons who were trapped in their classrooms after the Klingon attack. 

In mid-2399, the ship was in the Delta Quadrant where Court and the rest of the crew assisted in the relocation of the Uxali civilisation. This was followed by several weeks of exploration of the Gradin Belt. During this time, Captain McCallister (who was undertaking a classified mission for Starfleet) ordered Tobias to assume command of the ship through the use of the Emergency Command Hologram if Commander Cambil refused to carry out the orders he had left her. McCallister feared that their rescue attempts for him would result in the loss of the ship and left Court with the authority to assume command and control of the ship’s computer if he so deemed it. Thankfully, Court did not need to use his temporary clearance codes as McCallister returned from his undercover mission safely. Shortly after this, Court was instrumental in helping Commander Duncan transition from chief counsellor to first officer. His established relationship with McCallister assisted Duncan in understanding how the captain liked to manage the ship. The two worked extremely close in these early weeks. 

Odyssey began exploring the Delta Hedalos Sector, a region of space in the Gradin Belt that had not been mapped before by Starfleet. While exploring an area called the Burbridge Cluster, the ship found an almost perfect M-class world they named Outrè. While survey teams examined the planet, members of the crew were allowed to visit the planet for recreation and shore-leave purposes. Court went with McCallister, Duncan and McCallister’s sons to camp on one of the beaches of the tropical islands they had surveyed. When artefacts of a buried civilisation were found on the shore, they took the captain’s yacht deep underwater. Court was the first to uncover a gold obelisk with the T’Kon Empire cress on it. This discovery began a new mission for the ship as it joined with every other ship in Starfleet to deal with the T’Kon crisis that was taking place on a galactic level. 

Months later, Court entered into a romantic relationship with Duncan. Initially, their relationship was purely lustful until they decided they wanted to take things further and began properly dating in secrecy. Eventually, their relationship was discovered by others and as a result, they decided to make Captain McCallister aware of it. 

Their relationship took another level when the ship encountered an alien ark vessel and a majority of the crew were kidnapped. Forced to live on the alien ark (known as the Quirennal) and care for the children that it had kept in cryo stasis for a long time, Court and Duncan’s relationship became full public knowledge when the holographic AI that controlled the ship announced it everyone else. Based on the ship’s former captain, the AI had both Duncan and Court take care of the captain’s teenage sons. Over the next three months, Duncan and Court’s relationship developed so far that they became a family unit with the two boys, Jorgeh and Wylem. When a rescue attempt was made by the Odyssey (with help from the USS League) it was revealed that Jorgeh and Wylem were the only survivors on the Quirennal and that every other child that Captan Jyster (the AI hologram that had kidnapped them) had created from the ship’s impressive technology. Jorgeh and Wylem ended up joining the Odyssey and upon their return, both Duncan and Court agreed to move in with one another with their sons. While escaping from the Quirennal, the ship returned back to the Alpha Quadrant through the use of unmapped underspace corridors. The entire crew were granted R&R on Mellstoxx where Court and Duncan took both boys camping. They knew their recovery from the trauma endured while on the Quirennal would take time. Their request for the boys to seek asylum in the Federation was approved and both Court and Duncan began proceedings to legally adopt both of them, allowing Jorgeh and Wylem to become Federation citizens.    

At the start of the 25th century, the ship was involved in rescuing those trapped in the Paulson Nebula while a number of ion storms passed through it. When this happened, the Odyssey was hit by a chronokinetic surge which created a number of timeframes on the ship. Once the ship was eventually free, Court, along with every other member of the crew that were involved in the various time travelling incidents to restore the ship, was debriefed by the Department of Temporal Investigations. Furthermore, they were required by the Temporal Prime Directive to keep what happened to them a secret to avoid any further temporal paradoxes from occurring. 

By mid-2400, Court was promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer. More than anything his new rank reflected the range of hard work, dedication and numerous training he had undertaken over the years. The captain’s faith in him as a trustworthy member of his crew was further reinforced when the ship was sent into the Velorum Sector after the collapse of the remains of the Romulan Star Empire. Sent to help the Romulan colony of Vorash, Court played a crucial role in regaining support and trust with Grand DaiMon Deliaros, a Ferengi businesswoman who was helping the Vorash colonists. His intimate knowledge of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition came in use in gaining Deliaros’ support and trust. 

Months later, Court asked Duncan to marry him. The two agreed and were prepared to get married sooner rather than later as they wanted to enjoy the rest of their lives together.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2383 - 2384 Crewman Recruit Starfleet Enlisted Training Facility, Mars
Crewman Recruit
2384 Junior Administrative Assistant Starfleet Command
Crewman Apprentice
2384 - 2385 Administrative Assistant Starfleet Command
2385 Senior Administrative Assistant Starfleet Command
Petty Officer 1st Class
2385 - 2386 Administrative Manager Starfleet Command
Petty Officer 3rd Class
2386 Administrative Manager Starfleet Command
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2386 Commanding Officer's Yeoman USS Triton (NCC-80106)
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2386 - 2387 Commanding Officer's Yeoman USS Triton (NCC-80106)
Petty Officer 1st Class
2387 Commanding Officer's Yeoman & Chief of the Boat USS Odyssey (NX-80000)
Petty Officer 1st Class
2387 - 2391 Commanding Officer's Yeoman & Chief of the Boat USS Odyssey (NX-80000)
Chief Petty Officer
2391 - 2400 Command Senior Chief & Senior Chief of Administration USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
Senior Chief Petty Officer
2400 - Present Command Master Chief & Master Chief of Administration USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
Master Chief Petty Officer