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Odyssey-class • NCC-80000 • Starbase Bravo

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”

The USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), is an Odyssey-class Federation starship and was the prototype for the class. The Odyssey is a deep space explorer and is known for many of its exploits in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Commanded by Captain James Preston McCallister, the ship is one of Starfleet’s most advanced vessels operating in the fleet in 2399. The crew is one of the most diverse too, something that McCallister carried on from his previous command (Luna-Class USS Triton). The bulk of the crew is made up of those who served on the USS Triton and the previous ship named USS Odyssey. The ship was launched in 2387 with McCallister as its captain. The ship’s motto is based on the poem by T. S. Elliot named Little Gidding.

The Odyssey Squadron

The Odyssey is the flagship of an expeditionary force assigned to the Delta Quadrant. Other ships in the squadron include:

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27 May 2023

Volleyed and Thundered - 12

USS Odyssey: Volleyed and Thundered

Feeling very comfortable in her cockpit, Lieutenant Commander Rosle adjusted her flight suit one more time. Behind her sat her weapons and systems officer, Lieutenant (JG) Landon Davis. The two of them had flown together for almost a year; she trusted him, and he trusted her. Though a few years [...]

21 May 2023

Volleyed and Thundered - 11

USS Odyssey: Volleyed and Thundered

Commander Max Duncan sat in his quarters, surrounded by reports from across the USS Odyssey. Within the personal confines of his study, he was trying to do what he usually did when the ship wasn’t on a war footing. Duncan didn’t have his standard duty uniform jacket on. Instead, he was sitting [...]

14 May 2023

Volleyed and Thundered - 7

USS Odyssey: Volleyed and Thundered

Lieutenant Corella Banfield and her dear friend Commander Andrahl began their voyage to Starbase 212, hoping to celebrate her father’s retirement from Starfleet. Their journey was meant to be peaceful and enjoyable, especially as it had been over a month since the end of the Dominion War. Both [...]

11 May 2023

Volleyed and Thundered - 6

USS Odyssey: Volleyed and Thundered

Lieutenant Commander Rosle walked through the shuttle bay deck after getting out of her starfighter, her striking features catching the attention of several technicians hovering around her fighter. “Is everything alright with my ship?” she asked, her voice laced with concern.  “Yes, [...]