Ross-class • NCC-76554 • Starbase Bravo

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

The USS Themis (NCC-76554) is a Ross-clas starship that is assigned to the Odyssey Squadron to assist in the exploration of the Delta Quadrant. Led by former crewmembers of the USS Odyssey, the Themis’ job will be to re-explore what the USS Voyager had once mapped during its incredible seven-year journey home in the distant dangerous quadrant. Named from a Greek goddess, the daughter of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth). Themis was the personification of order and justice, who convened the assembly of the gods. The USS Themis will bring with it righteousness and harmony as it meets the inhabitants of the Delta Quadrant.

The Odyssey Squadron

The Themis is a member of an expeditionary force assigned to the Delta Quadrant. Other ships in the squadron include:

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000) | USS Triton (NCC-80106) | USS Bellerophon (NCC-74705)

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12 March 2023

Order To Chaos - 19

USS Themis: Order To Choas

Entering her shared quarters, Lieutenant Commander T’Rani looked around the dark room and instructed the computer to activate the lights. Though it was a large room, it wasn’t as big as what she had become accustomed to on the Odyssey. Nevertheless, it was acceptable.  Gracefully she [...]

17 February 2023

Order To Chaos - 14 - Part III

USS Themis: Order To Choas

“We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!” “Incoming message from the Odyssey,” Commander Tremt Hunsen announced. “They want the wing of fighters launched at once.” “Launch the Justice Expeditionary Wing, T’Rani,” Cambil ordered her chief flight control [...]

4 February 2023

Order To Chaos - 12

USS Themis: Order To Choas

With a mug of hot Deka tea in one hand and a PADD in the other, Captain Cambil Bexa rolled her shoulders backwards as she read the latest departmental reports. She was sitting in her ready room, behind her desk catching up on the administrative work she was trying to keep ahead of. So far, the [...]

27 December 2022

Order To Chaos - 6

USS Themis: Order To Choas

“All hands, attention to orders  From Starfleet Headquarters, Office of the Admiralty, to Captain Cambil Bexa. As of this date, you are requested and required to take command of U-S-S Themis. Signed, Vice Admiral Zack A.J. Marshall-Bennet, Stardate seven-seven-nine-seven-seven point [...]