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Profile Overview

Alfie McCallister-Reyas

Human/El-Aurian hybrid Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Cadet McCallister-Reyas


USS Odyssey


Alfie Thomas McCallister-Reyas

16th October 2387

USS Odyssey (NX-80000)


Alfie Thomas McCallister-Reyas is the son of Captain McCallister and Commander Reyas. An identical triplet with his brothers Henri and Theo, Alfie was the second to be born after Theo. Unlike his brothers, who have their interests in other areas, Alfie is keen to follow in his parents’ footsteps and join Starfleet. Out of the three sons, he is known to be more empathetic towards others.


Alfie, like his brothers, is of average size for his age and has a slim build. Before joining Starfleet Academy, Alfie had always kept his hair gelled in a spikey style but now keeps it in a short, combed-back manner. Alfie inherits the colour of his eyes from his father and his lighter hair tones from both parents.

  • Height: 5′ 9″ (1.74 m)
  • Weight: 1653 lbs
  • Hair: Sandy Brown
  • Eyes: Blue


An easy-going young man, during his early teen years, Alfie was quite reserved when socialising with others outside of his family. Having two outgoing brothers has forced him to come out of his shell more to make friends. He shows enthusiasm and energy in wanting to learn more since joining Starfleet. Though naive in some aspects, he showed maturity during the Quirennel incident in late 2399, when he stepped up to assist Lieutenant Commander Flemen in operating the ship.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A strong and devoted learner, Alfie’s eagerness to discover more about the universe around him is a strong quality of his. He is good at studying; his teachers have always commented on this, which is another aspect that has helped him do well since joining Starfleet. Like his father, he is willing to help out in any situation, and like his mother, his intrigue in the unknown makes him quite the keen explorer.

Alfie is highly protective of his family and those who become his closest friends. He wears his heart on his sleeve; this can sometimes be a downside when someone hurts him or if he has to cope with a loss. This was evident after his mother was declared missing in action; however, he was determined to make her proud through his commitment to joining Starfleet.


Though he has not worked out what he wants to do within his career yet, Alfie is keen to become a Starfleet captain one day.


Born on the 16th of October 2387, Alfie was the middle child of James and Karyn’s triplets. The McCallister-Reyas boys were the first children born on the brand-new USS Odyssey (NX-80000). Out of the three sons, Alfie was the quietest and easiest to get off to sleep as a baby. He reached his milestones quickly and would often respond better to stimuli.  Growing up, he was a happy little boy who got on well with others his age when he went to daycare. He rarely had any tantrums and was not a fussy eater. While still a toddler, Alfie’s father was reassigned to another vessel for one year. Though he missed his father, the periodic messages from him do not make him forget him. Alfie, like his brother, became close with their mother and godfather, the ship’s chief of the boat and their father’s yeoman: Tobias Court.

As he got older, Alfie enjoyed participating in the various holo-novels that his godfather played with him and his brothers. The three boys became big fans of The Adventures of Captain Proton and would often play this. For Alfie’s eighth birthday, his godfather even got him a replica of Proton’s rocketship and Satan’s Robot. 

In his early teen years, compared to his brothers, Alfie became more of an introvert at school with his classmates. Where Henri and Theo were interested in other hobbies, like sport and music, respectively, neither of these intrigued Alfie. He enjoyed his holographic sci-fi serials while sometimes helping his godfather in his rounds around the ship. 

By 2399, though only twelve in Human years, his dominant El-Aurian genes had progressed his growth and maturity to that of a seventeen-year-old. Though he was no child genius, Alfie was above his age-related expectations with his learning. His teachers were always setting him challenging work to undertake, and every time he did well in them. 

Earlier in the year, Alfie and his brothers worked with his classmates to free themselves from their classroom after the ship was attacked by Klingons during the Archanis Campaign and suffered from heavy damage. This included several bulkheads collapsing, preventing them from using the main entrances. What made the situation worse was when the Klingons boarded the vessel close by. A security force, led by his godfather, removed the threat and helped retrieve Alfie and his brothers from their rooms. Sadly though, their teacher, S’Tefe, died in the incident. This was the first time Alfie and his brothers had witnessed someone dying. An image that they all found challenging to get over. 

Starfleet Career

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)

Seeing that their son was eager and interested in the work they did, James and Karyn both agreed for him to take his application to join Starfleet. He was successful, but due to the ship being so far from home (it was in the Delta Quadrant at the time), James gave Alfie the field commission of an Acting Ensign. On the same day, the Odyssey encountered an alien ark controlled by a sophisticated isomorph. In the guise of its former commanding officer, the isomorph informed the captain that it planned to use almost every adult to care for the children in stasis. McCallister, Reyas and every adult were taken away from the Odyssey without being able to fight back. When the children and teenagers, who were left on the ship, realised what was happening, Alfie, his and brothers stepped up to deal with the situation. Contacted by the cetacean ops lead, Alfie was the only ranking humanoid officer on board that was allowed (and could) enter the bridge. With help from their ocean-dwelling crewmembers, Alfie convinced the Odyssey’s computer that under the current emergency to active Penelope, the ship’s Emergency Command Hologram without command authorisation clearance. Once Penelope was online, she kept Alfie nearby to help her stabilise the ship and begin to work out a plan. When Lieutenant Craigen Flemen, and several other adults, were sent back to the Odyssey due to his father’s negotiating tactics, Alfie went on to aide Flemen after the Quirennal (the alien ark) had used its advanced engines to escape. After Flemen was promoted to lieutenant commander, he made Alfie his yeoman and allowed the young acting ensign to sit at the ops station while on the bridge. During the two months that his parents were away, Alfie became responsible for keeping the morale of the teenagers left on the ship up. He did an excellent job using his brothers and their friends to help him. Alfie and his brothers also helped Flemen decode a message from their father in getting help from their uncle, Captain Horatio McCallister and his ship, the USS League.

Eventually, the joint crews of the Odyssey and League rescued everyone. Though it was difficult for Alfie and his brothers to return to their previous lives with their parents, the entire situation taught Alfie the skills he needed to be independent. However, Alfie’s parents return with some emotional baggage that caused a strain on their marriage, which Alfie and his brothers witnessed. It was upsetting for the entire family and was something Alfie had never expected to see from either of his parents. 

Sometime after this, while in the Beta Quadrant, Alfie’s mother left with a small crew to rescue his grandmother, who was stuck on a planet during the Century Storm in the Paulson Nebula. While the Odyssey was saving others affected by the storm, the ship was struck by a powerful chronokinetic surge that split the vessel into various timeframes. A future version of Alfie, one that was now the ship’s first officer under a future version of Captain Tomaz, aided his father in restoring the ship to the correct timeframe. Sadly though, Alfie’s mother appeared to have sacrificed herself to save the ship and prevent it from being destroyed by the ship’s warp core breaching. Taking the ejected core into a temporal aperture, Karyn used her ship’s tractor beam to prevent the explosion from damaging the Odyssey. Though the timeline appeared to have been reset, Karyn did not reappear, and it was suggested that she might have been lost in an alternative future timeline. Starfleet listed her as Missing In Action under the request of Alfie’s father. Losing his mother was a blow to Alfie (and the rest of his family). His El-Aurian grandmother, who had been saved, assured him his mother was okay as she could sense it. Still unable to understand the gifts that El-Aurians possessed when it came time, Alfie just accepted his grandmother’s advice and planned to wait for the day he may see his mother again.      

Nevertheless, due to the numerous timeframes that existed and to ensure future events were not tampered with, it was decided by the Department of Temporal Investigations that the vessel would be prepared for what may happen to it. Alfie, being a critical factor in his father’s success, had his application to Starfleet Academy fast-tracked and he was made a first-year cadet very quickly. Now bound by the Temporal Prime Directive, Alfie was briefed on what may happen and his training for what may happen in twenty years started. 

Between all of this, Alfie struck up a great friendship with Jorgeh, one of the Jyslanti teenagers saved from the Quirennal. After Jorgeh was adopted by Court (and his partner, Commander Max Duncan), the two boys discovered they had similar interests and would often be found socialising with one another. Another aspect that linked them was the loss of their mothers to unusual circumstances. Jorgeh’s mother had her brainwaves uploaded to the Quirennal’s computer to create the isomorph that controlled the vessel, it was a decision that Jorgeh struggled to understand (along with every decision that the isomorph of his mother made to ensure he and his brother survived), but thankfully Alfie became an excellent listener to Jorgeh. Eventually, Jorgeh asked to join Starfleet and was sponsored by Alfie’s father. This resulted in both lads studying together and finding every one of their assignments to be ones they could share. 

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - Present First Year Cadet Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx Campus (unit assigned to USS Odyssey NCC-80000)