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Profile Overview

William Duncan-Court

Human (originally: Rylsanti) Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Duncan-Court


USS Odyssey


William Nathan Winston Duncan-Court

31st November 2384

USS Vendetta (NCC-79047)


William Nathan Winston Duncan-Court, formerly known as Wylem, is the adopted son of Commander Max Duncan-Court and Master Chief Tobias Duncan-Court. The youngest son, William, was rescued by the crew of the Odyssey when an alien ark kidnapped a large proportion of the adult population in 2399. He became a Federation citizen in early 2400. In mid-2400, the crew changed his identity to protect his (and his brother’s) natural heritage from being killed by the Hazari. Starfleet updated his records to reflect the changes that state that he is the biological offspring of his two fathers.


William is relatively tall but has a very slim build. His pale hazel-coloured eyes appear to go green in certain lighting conditions. He prefers to keep his hair long but slicked back, but since joining the Odyssey, he has been known to allow a few stray bits to hang forward. Unlike his brother, William has enjoyed wearing a range of current and modern styles for his age. 

  • Height: 5′ 9″ (1.75 m)
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Hazel/Green


Like his brother, William has a strong, caring side; however, he is more of an introvert. Preferring his own company, William has found the transition from being on the Quirennal to the Odyssey more difficult. Understanding what the computer AI did for the sake of saving him and his brother has been one thing he has been unable to understand. That said, he has shown signs of trying to fit more into his new life.  

Strengths & Weaknesses

Like Jordan, William has shown a sense of eagerness to forget his past, but instead of coming to terms with what has happened, he has attempted to repress his trauma. His enthusiasm to become ‘human’ was apparent when it was required to protect him from the Hazari. William didn’t bat an eyelid when his adoptive fathers suggested the plan. 

Not that he is socially awkward, but William hasn’t gone out of his way to building many relationships with others of a similar age since joining the Odyssey. He has followed in his brother’s footsteps in getting to know the captain’s sons. However, he has built a strong relationship with his adoptive fathers. 


William has shared on some occasions an interest in joining Starfleet; however, as a year and a half younger than his brother, he is currently enjoying going to school and learning from his teachers. 


  • Affiliation: United Federation of Planets


  • Birth Mother: Captain Jyslanti (deceased)
  • Adopted Father: Max Duncan, Starfleet Commander of the USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
  • Adopted Father: Tobias Court-Duncan, Starfleet Master Chief Petty Officer of the USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)
  • Brother: Jordan ‘Jorgeh’ Luke Duncan-Court, Starfleet Cadet of the USS Odyssey (NCC-80000)


Early Life

Little is known about Jordan’s early life; his memory from this time is unclear. From what he does remember, he partially recalls his birth mother (Captain Jyslanti) being a caring woman and a devoted mother to him and his brother. 

When the crew of the Odyssey rescued him, the crew took him and his brother out of cryo-stasis after they discovered the ship, the Quirennal, drifting in open space in the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant. Described as an ark initially, the crew investigated the vessel and believed they had found the remains of a lost civilisation. Interacting with the ship’s AI holographic/isomorphic projection, based on his mother, the crew discovered that the Ryslanti had sent its people out on these large vessels to ensure they survived. When this took place, the crew were unable to determine. That said, the AI’s determination to proceed with its mission was apparent when it kidnapped most of the Odyssey’s adult population after demanding they care for the children and young people. As the Quirennal possessed advanced technology, even more, cutting-edge than the Odyssey, the crew could not initially stop the AI.

After waking up from his long time in stasis, Wylem (as was his birth name) found it hard to accept the AI’s control of what was happening. This was especially hard for him when it was impersonating his mother. Feeling that his mother would not have taken others as prisoners to care for the young people, Wylem followed his brother’s approach in refusing to try and have any relationship with the AI. Instead, he and his brother built a close bond with Max Duncan and Tobias Court. The two officers were made the carers for the two brothers. They lived together on the ark for over two months and became a close unit. During this time, Wylem struggled to cope with the changes he was experiencing. The entire situation was overwhelming, and he kept to himself quite a bit. 

When the remaining Odyssey crew eventually rescued them, Captain McCallister agreed to take all of the children and young people with them back to the Odyssey. However, when the ship engaged the transporters, the only life signs detected (besides the missing crew) were those belonging to Jorgeh and Wylem. Further investigation discovered that Quirennal’s AI had used its advanced holography and other systems to project imagery of the children and young people who had initially resided on the ship. When the crew confronted the AI about what had happened, it explained that the only way for it to maintain the ship’s systems it decided for its crew (including all of the other children) to die in their stasis chambers while only saving Jorgeh and Wylem. After hearing this, Wylem shunned the AI and begged the Odyssey crew to take him off the ship at once.  

When Odyssey returned to the Federation, Jorgeh and Wylem’s request to become asylum seekers was initially accepted. Duncan and Court had agreed they wanted to adopt both lads as their sons after building such a close bond during captivity. After an assessment by the Federation Displaced Agency, it was felt that the adoption was appropriate, and through this, both became Federation citizens. 

Wylem, just like Jorgeh, attended regular therapy sessions either by himself or with one of his fathers. This helped him immensely in coming to terms with his trauma, but unlike his brother, he preferred the company of his fathers or himself. Rarely did he leave their quarters to socialise with others of a similar age. 

In mid-2400, Wylem’s life was threatened when a Hazari attack group tracked him and Jorgeh down. Apparently, there was some old contract this Hazari pack had been trying to fulfil for a long time in wiping the Ryslanti civilisation from existence. Taking a gambling move, Captain McCallister made a massive bluff that Jorgeh and Wylem were human. In fact, he had stated they were the offspring of both Duncan and Court. Having to prove this to the Hazari, Doctor Sylvexs created a retrovirus that was used to introduce the appropriate genes into their makeup. A genetic pathogen was also used to alter their Ryslanti DNA into Human proteins.

Furthermore, the crew created an elaborated and detailed backstory, showing that both Jorgeh and Wylem were human. Changing their names, Wylem became William and took middle names that belonged to his adoptive grandfathers. Becoming William Nathan Winston Duncan-Court (his middle name of Nathan coming from Max’s birth father, and Winston after Tobias’ father) was like the fresh start he had desired since he was rescued. Once the Hazari had been convinced he was Human, Wylem (like his brother) wanted to keep his new name and his Human DNA. As Jorgeh and he was so determined with this, their adoptive fathers agreed to it after seeking further advice/thought from Counsellor Louwanna Horin.

Shortly after that, William was involved in the wedding of both Max and Tobias. He served as one of their best men.