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Operations Office Report #31.1 – Staffing Update – New TF93XO

February 11, 2024

Hello Bravo Fleet!

This is a quick update from the Operations Office: we have a new TFXO since my last report.

I am happy to announce that Fleet Captain Brodie Lewis, aka Darth on Discord, will join Task Force 93 as its new Executive Officer. Darth has previously held numerous other staffing roles, including being a Task Force Executive Officer in Task Forces 86 and 17 and serving as Task Force 86 Commanding Officer for eight months back in 2022. He has also previously served as Deputy Security Officer for two terms.

I hope his return to Bravo Fleet Command will be a welcome one, and I wish him all the best as he settles into his new role with Commodore Imya Jori and the rest of the 93’ers!

We are still looking for other potential Task Force Executive Officers for Task Forces 17 and 72. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me and fill in an application form.