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Task Force 93 Report #2

August 26, 2023

Lending Assistance

With the invasion over, the Dominion had surrendered and was back within the Gamma Quadrant, with the renegade Changeling and Borg plot coming to light during Frontier Day now behind them. Officers were still processing what had happened, and younger officers who were affected by the Jupiter Signal were undergoing counseling to help process what they had done. This wasn’t going to stop them from doing what they must to help those who were truly affected by the Lost Fleet invasion and occupation of worlds they had conquered


Worlds still needed help in repairing what was destroyed during their occupation. The ships from the Fourth Fleet had been summoned to help those worlds rebuild. The Verity would be no different and would be getting into the thick of things just like everyone else. Currently, they were at Farpoint Station taking on supplies that were needed.


Commodore Jori was down in the command and control center that was used as a base of operations when coordinating with other ships within the Task Force. Jori was in one of their meeting rooms that she usually used for meetings as it had a state-of-the-art system to make sharing information easier. She had the Deneb sector pulled up in a holographic image above the table, showing each system that had once been occupied by the Dominion during the war.


“Sir,” came the voice of her yeoman. “Captain Trent has arrived.”


“Thank you, send him in.”


“The yeoman said you wanted to speak with me, ma’am?” Simon asked.


“Thank you for coming,” Jori began as she looked at what she was looking at before he entered. She motioned at the chair on the other side of the table, hinting at him having a seat. “We have much to discuss.”


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Quite a bit has happened since our last report in January, we had our Fleet Action ‘The Lost Fleet’ which was a huge success as Task Force 93 took home first place, I want to congratulate everyone for their amazing effort in bringing home the trophy this year! Then the ‘Frontier Day’ event took place to match the events of Picard Season 3. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!

Task Force Updates

As previously announced, Aris, also known as Taylor Shakespeare, resigned as Task Force 93’s Executive Officer due to real-life issues. We want to thank him again for everything he has done for our members and Bravo Fleet as a whole. Now we have a new Task Force Executive Officer, Simon Trent or Garrett as a lot of you know on Discord. It’s been a great start with Garrett, and I look forward to continuing to work with him.

Secondly, the Intel Office has released a fleet-wide Priority Mission for members to get involved in if they want to. The designated area of operations for this PM is around the Deneb Sector. The Fourth Fleet is returning to lend assistance in rebuilding worlds that were invaded by the Dominion’s Lost Fleet. This was the main storyline that took place during the last Fleet Action (which Task Force 93 won!). Though it is completely optional for participation, I highly recommend seeing if there is something that you would like to write about in that area with your primary command. If you need assistance in developing an idea then please do reach out to one of us in one of the channels.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on updating our wiki page to add further summaries for the Blood Dilithium Campaign, The Lost Fleet Fleet Action, and Frontier Day mission.

Fiction Updates

  • Saratoga Squadron: The Lost Fleet had arrived within the Deneb sector, and the Breen assisted them in causing havoc. The ships of the Saratoga Squadron, consisting of the Saratoga, Gagarin, and the Knight, were dispatched to Lungurn Fleet Yards, which was in Breen Space. They were tasked with bringing down the Fleet Yards at all costs, putting a damper on repairing their ships. They had been successful though it didn’t come without a cost. Once their mission was finished they were called to assist with the final push at Farpoint Station. They returned to Starbase Bravo, where repairs began on the three ships.  Later the Gagarin would be sent to Earth to participate in the Frontier Day events, which quickly turned disastrous when the Jupiter Signal was activated. Turning all those 25 and under into Borg, causing them to hunt down and kill those who were not assimilated. While the ship’s fleet formation mode went haywire, causing the ships to fire upon Spacedock. The crew managed to survive, with only a handful being injured or killed before the signal was stopped by Admiral Picard and the crew of the Enterprise D.

  • USS Corax: The crew of the Corax had received new orders to support a group of compromised ships that were carrying evacuated citizens to the safety of Farpoint Station. While they made their journey to the Karna System, they had only picked up six ships of the twenty-three that were supposed to be with the group. When they arrived, they found the remaining ships in bad shape. An away team was sent over to the Barstow to lend as much assistance as they could, with only six hours to do so before they were forced to leave before more Jem’Hadar ships arrived to finish what they started.

  • SS Viridian Expanse: A Lissepian had made contact with the Viridian Expanse about delivering an unknown consignment from Klaestron to someone near the occupied zone. Knowing the risks, they took the job, though some of the crew were uneasy about what would lie ahead. The Captain tried to crack the manifest to figure out who they were dealing with as they continued to travel to their destination while cloaked. While they traveled, they came upon ships that had been destroyed, both Starfleet and Breen in design. When they arrived at the coordinates, they came to find out that the buyer was the Dominion themselves. They boarded the Expanse to conduct their business, and the cargo was delivered, causing the Dominion to leave the area once it was discovered that the Cardassians were arriving within the area.

  • USS Sutherland: Captain MacLeod had arrived back to his quarters only to find someone sitting on his couch, so he called for security. After they arrived, they discovered the intruder is Commander Grey from Starfleet Intelligence. After dismissing his security officers, he finds out why he was there. Learning that the Dominion had been working with the Breen to integrate a Breen energy-dampening weapon on a larger Dominion warship. The Sutherland was ordered to the Kaldara system, where they were to sabotage their efforts. MacLeod had also learnt that the USS Hornet, a Defiant-class starship, was being assigned under his command of the now-formed squadron.

  • USS Eagle: The crew of the Eagle were sent to obtain charts that contained Breen ship deployments along the Federation border. They were to negotiate with DaiMon Klunt for the charts while their first officer and doctor were sent undercover at Klunt’s mega casino. After the meeting with the leader of Red Heaven, the business deal had been interrupted by the arrival of the Eagle. On the Eagle, Kirby was failing in acquiring the Breen developments from Klunt, though it seems his senior staff had come up with a plan. After Klunt discovers that the undercover agents are not who they say they were, the Eagle manages to knock out the casino’s power while the ship was able to beam Klunt onboard a holo image of an interrogation room where ultimately Klunt was forced to hand over the charts.

  • USS Thyanis: The Thyanis was to head to Oppenheimer Station to investigate why the station had failed to respond to the evacuation order. While en route, they were attacked by an unknown ship near the border of the Ferengi Alliance, which had caused them significant damage as well as severely injured two of their crewmembers. When things couldn’t get any worse, they ended up being attacked by a single Breen vessel and were engaged in a short skirmish. Thanks to the timely arrival of a Ferengi ship, the Breen ship was forced to retreat. After a brief layover at Farpoint Station for repairs and resupply, they began to head on their way to Oppenheimer Station. After they had arrived, they began to figure out what was happening to the station while the Ferengi ship arrived after following the Thyanis to carry out a contract from a mysterious buyer. The away team had discovered evidence of a failed Jem’Hadar assault, they were able to shut down the singularity core and secure the only survivor. But not before DaiMon and his crew beamed aboard the station, captured the device, and took the scientist as well as a member of the Thyanis crew. After chasing after the Ferengi ship until the ship arrived at their destination to deliver the stolen device. After DaiMon  Tal discovered that the buyer was the Dominion, Tal was killed and replaced by a Changeling who had been masquerading as Dr. Sutherland the whole time. The Thyanis had sent an away team to the Ferengi ship to rescue their missing crewmember, which resulted in a showdown between the two ships. They were able to cripple the Dominion ship, setting off the stolen energy device in the process. The away team left the Ferengi ship and returned to the Thyanis.

  • USS Opharus: Lieutenant Junior Grade Lance Fox had been given his first command of the USS Opharus, a Raven-class corvette. He had begun to settle in and made a call to his grandmother to tell her the good news. The crew then began to arrive though some were not happy with their assignment, others were all too eager.

  • USS Erebus: USS Erebus rendezvoused at Leonis Prime to escort the inhabitants to Farpoint Station due to the threat of the Dominion. Erebus was given orders to take a position to escort alongside Leonis Prime’s government ships.

  • USS Shepard: After the completion of their last mission, the Shepard arrived at Avalon Fleet Yards, where they would undergo repair and resupply. Some of the crew took advantage of some downtime to relax. The captain and command staff had headed over to the Majestic, where they were requested to figure out why the Orion Syndicate was stealing Romulan technology. Upon the captain’s arrival back to her quarters, she had found a message on her computer about the Lost Fleet.

  • USS Auckland/USS Echelon: The Auckland had been sent to the Yadev II Supply Depot to reactivate as many of their mothballed ships to be able to repel an incoming Dominion squadron. The two crews, after being introduced, had begun integrating to work together. They were able to get automation testing going, and the crew were able to mount a defensible position so Yadev II didn’t fall to the Dominion again. After the protocols had been engaged successfully after the completion of the wargame simulations. They were able to successfully mount a defense of Yadive, which had happened to force a retreat by the Jem’Hadar ships, though the victory was hollow as many of the ships were destroyed with casualties. Afterward, the crew were assigned to the USS Echelon, and they were sent off to assist the Romulans.

  • USS Cantabras: Less than 48 hours after their last mission, the crew of the Cantabras was called back to action. The crew was assigned to prevent the Liakso Array, located near the Arcania Cluster, from falling into Dominion’s hands. By any means necessary. The ship entered the Arcania Cluster, in hopes of avoiding any Dominion forces, and was buffeted by anomalies and a lifeform that had left the ship dead in the water. Left reeling from the attack from the unknown lifeform in the Arcania Cluster, the crew took stock of the damage. Forced to make repairs in the field, officers embark on a race against time to get the ship operational quickly. Cobbling together their repairs, the ship made its way to the Liakso Array. Tani and Priam were sent to the array, where they had several run-ins with Jem’Hadar soldiers. While attempting to use the access codes to terminate the transmission, an alarm was tripped. Long-range sensors had detected a ship approaching the array, as well as Jem’Hadar soldiers approaching the command center. On the bridge of the Cantabras, Alex and Logan had a run-in with a Jem’Hadar fighter. They had managed to evade it and again enter the Arcania Cluster. The previously encountered lifeform attacks, and ultimately destroyed the Jem’Hadar fighter, which allowed the Cantabras to escape. On the Array, Tani attempts to hold the Jem’Hadar while Priam works to access the Array’s defense mechanism, finally activating them. With the Jem’Hadar threat eliminated, the Cantabras crew helped restore the Array’s systems. No sooner is that accomplished than they are called into action for a final stand at Farpoint Station.

  • USS Notus: After getting command of the Notus, Lieutenant Peck received his first set of orders from Commodore Ekwuemes. The Notus was to head to the border between Federation space and the Romulan Free State. They were able to check each probe, download information, and send it back to Intelligence before resetting the probe and putting it back into service.

Task Force Recognition



  • Chris Rouse – Lieutenant
  • Roger Allen – Commander
  • K’Vagh – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, Ensign, and Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Jor’an Raune – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, and Midshipman
  • Alexander V’Lelk – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, and Lieutenant
  • Jason Hart – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, Ensign, and Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Desmond Lawless – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, and Cadet Senior Grade
  • Jaxon Tir – Cadet Sophomore Grade, and Cadet Junior Grade
  • Tallera – Commander
  • Taylor Shakespeare – Commander
  • Simon Trent – Lieutenant Commander
  • Sud Legend – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, and Ensign
  • Jacoby Walker – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, and Ensign
  • Lokka – Cadet Sophomore Grade
  • Aaron Thomas – Cadet Sophomore Grade


It has been great to see all the activity that has been going on within Task Force 93 over the last several months. There are many ways you can get involved with activity, some of which include: entering competitions and gaming (STO and WoW are just some of the games). There are also RPGs and Sandboxs you can join as well. I am looking forward to what is ahead for Task Force 93 in the coming months. Keep up the awesome work, and let’s finish out this year with a bang.