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20 March 2023


USS Eagle: Serving in Starfleet

According to the chronometer on the wall, Ambassador Joanne Tucker had been sitting in a chair in the main lobby for about a half hour.  The two B’Qali that captured her were silently standing guard.  Commander Stone was lying on the floor, his hands and legs in shackles.  He had [...]

20 March 2023

Getting Prepared

USS Eagle: Serving in Starfleet

Observation Lounge “An isolationist group named the Ym’ruxin, or One People, seized control of the government of B’Qal IV,” said Kirby. “It was totally unexpected, as the group was never violent in the past and they didn’t have the resources to do something this big.” “So an outside [...]

2 March 2023


USS Eagle: Serving in Starfleet

Ready Room “You called, sir?” said Roger. Matt motioned for Roger to sit.  “Our orders have been changed.” “More supply and aid runs?” said Roger. Matt chuckled.  “We’re actually being diverted from the one we’re on now.” “Oh?” “We’re going to rendezvous with [...]

14 February 2023

Home Sweet Home

USS Eagle: Serving in Starfleet

Lori and Hok materialized in the transporter room on deck 5 of the Eagle.  With the transporter operator, was Captain Kirby. “Doctor Weaver.  Mister Hok.  It’s good to have you back.” “Thank you, sir,” said Hok, stepping down from the platform. Lori paused a second before [...]