USS Sutherland (NCC-91800)

The Sutherland-class U.S.S. Sutherland is just finishing a refit at the Devron Fleet Yards. Captain Struan MacLeod has accepted command of the ship after several years of proving his command capabilities captaining the Parliament-class U.S.S. Helsinki.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
ID: 2197
Executive Officer
ID: 2197
Chief Engineering Officer
ID: 2197
Operations Officer
ID: 2197
Science Officer
ID: 2197

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13 June 2022

Survey suspended

USS Sutherland: The Enigmatic Aid Request

Captain MacLeod arrived in Shelby park fifteen minutes before his arranged meeting was due to begin. It gave him some time to appreciate the space as he slowly wandered to his favorite café. The gentle breeze carried scents from the various trees and shrubs that dotted the carefully manicured [...]

27 August 2021

Relic reconnaissance

USS Sutherland: Tracking down anything Tkon

The humid, cloying air sapped Captain Struan MacLeod’s patience as he cut his way through the dense vegetation that blocked his way to the location where the ruins were reportedly located. Lieutenant Commander Emony Vor seemed to be positively enjoying the activity. “Isn’t this great?” she [...]

13 August 2021

The hunt is on

USS Sutherland: In at the deep end

Captain MacLeod carefully monitored the sensor readings as the computer piloted the small runabout along the course calculated to avoid the subspace ruptures. So far, the map generated by the Sutherland had been pretty accurate but as he neared what he believed to be the source of the problem, they [...]

8 August 2021

An invitation of sorts

USS Sutherland: In at the deep end

So far, the patrol had been uneventful, however the atmosphere on the bridge and elsewhere had an edge to it. Everyone knew that something wasn’t right, but aside from a few strange preparations there was nothing tangible that could explain the feeling.  They were progressing along the [...]