Emily joined Bravo Fleet in 2013 as the Executive Officer of the USS Hera. Her first command, the Argonaut-class USS Hawk earned her the posting of Task Force 93 Executive Officer. In April 2015, Emily relaunched the Bravo Fleet Graphics Department, designing new game banners, forum signatures, avatars and more. Her first posting on the Bravo Fleet Admiralty was in June 2015 as Task Force 9 Commanding Officer. Until her departure in April 2016, she also served as Task Force 93 and Task Force 99 Commanding Officer.

Following the introduction of the Bravo Fleet Charter in June 2019, Emily rejoined Bravo Fleet as the Chief of Staff. She reintroduced merit awards in the Hall of Honor and added support for fleet-wide competitions. After taking control of BFMS, she designed a new theme and added support for a variety of new functions. She also redesigned Bravo Fleet’s game banners for the second time, matching the fleet’s new brand. In July 2019, her position on the Admiralty was renamed and she assumed the role of Bravo Fleet Executive Officer. She is currently in charge of programming BFMS v2 in preparation for the fleet’s new model.

Outside of Bravo Fleet, Emily is a high school teacher in the United States. She designed the first mobile-friendly Nova 2 theme available to the public and served as the Community Engagement Specialist for Anodyne Productions. She released Bravo Fleet’s first official Nova skin in 2015, and created a new version for use in 2019. She served on staff for a variety of IRC networks, most notably as a server administrator for DarkMyst.

Alyssa Fleming
Ambassador to the Cardassian Union
Catherine Wolf
Beta Quadrant Tactical Command
Elizabeth Wolf
Deputy Commander, Fourth Fleet