USS Shepard (NCC-86405)

Led by the freshly-promoted Commander Jimena Zelenko, the USS Shepard is a quick, modern frigate primarily slated for patrol and escort duties centered around Task Force 93's humanitarian missions.


Reliant-class • NCC-86405 • Task Force 93

Like most Reliant-class frigates, the USS Shepard is primarily used for patrolling and escort missions, as well as screening fleet actions should the need arise. Shepard is is the first full-size starship commanded by Jimena Zelenko, and is similarly awash with crewmembers new to their assigned roles.

With a young crew and an exciting mission profile, Shepard is a dynamic ship full of passionate and driven people hoping to make their mark on the galaxy.


USS Shepard Crew Patch, based on the mission patch of Alan Shepard’s Freedom 7





Crew Manifest