USS Pegasus (NCC-76992)

The USS Pegasus is a Galaxy-class Federation starship operated by the Fourth Fleet. As one of Starfleet’s most versatile and reliable explorers, the Pegasus has a broad mandate to expand the frontiers of known space.


Galaxy-class • NCC-76992 • Starbase Bravo

The USS Pegasus finished construction in 2373 during the early stages of the Dominion War. Her first mission in active service saw the destruction of over 2,000 Cardassian ships and the launch of four new Galaxy-class vessels, giving the Federation a crucial strategic advantage over the Dominion. As one of the most powerful vessels in the fleet, the Pegasus, and the other eight Galaxy-class vessels in Starfleet, served as front-line battleships and command posts. For the first two years of their service, the Pegasus and her three sister ships were unlike the other Galaxy-class starships revered throughout the Federation; it lacked the science laboratories, families, and other facilities befitting a ship of her class.

After the Dominion War ended, the Pegasus returned to the drydock to receive the amenities and scientific facilities required for deep-space exploration. In 2376, the Pegasus became one of the Federation’s premier explorers and embarked on her first five-year mission. The Pegasus charted new sectors of space, made first contact with almost a dozen species, and even inducted new worlds into the Federation.

For the first time since the war, the Pegasus returned to Earth in 2385 after the Attack on Mars. It was rare for a Galaxy-class vessel to return home; the ships were built for deep-space exploration, and returning to the Federation core symbolized a drastic shift in Starfleet’s priorities. Although the Pegasus remained in Federation space for several years, it served as a respected home for many in Starfleet Science. The Pegasus regularly visited Federation member worlds, working closely with civilian scientists and governments to showcase Starfleet’s technical prowess.

By 2388, Starfleet prepared the first large-scale refit for the Galaxy-class. The Pegasus spent four years in drydock, receiving a full upgrade of the ship’s tactical and computer systems with an interior design language matching newer vessels in the fleet. The ship relaunched in 2392 under the command of Captain Jessica Matthews.

Under Captain Matthew’s command, the Pegasus returned to deep-space exploration. Even in the 2390s, serving on a Galaxy-class such as the Pegasus was a prestigious assignment and the ship gained some of the most skilled officers in the fleet.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Commanding Officer
ID: 35
Executive Officer
ID: 35
Chief Operations Officer &
Second Officer
ID: 35
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 35
Chief Science Officer
ID: 35
Chief Engineer
ID: 35
Chief Tactical Officer
ID: 35
Helm Officer
ID: 35