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Task Force 93 Report #3

February 20, 2024

Continuing Support

Over the last few months since the end of the Lost Fleet invasion, the Verity had assisted many affected by the Dominion within the Deneb sector. The Verity was currently at the Pesak Repair Yards after spending the last week assisting the repair yards with repairs and supplies, things were beginning to wrap up. Commodore Imya Jori was down in the command and control center of the ship which housed her and Captain Lewis’ offices as well as a state-of-the-art information center, and a huge conference room.


Information had been hovering above the center console with information on the Deneb sector. Giving her detailed information about each system, while the recovery would be long they were better than they were with assistance from the Verity as well as other ships within the Fourth Fleet. She also had information about the recent Borg activity, which was concerning. A short time later, she heard the doors to the control center open up, revealing Fleet Captain Lewis.


Lewis had been tasked with overseeing the teams that were on the Pesak Repair Yards since he had arrived at Task Force 93, it was a quick transition, but his transfer came at an expedited request. He had just arrived back from the repair yards and made his way back to the command center for the Verity.


He walked into the room to see Commodore Jori looking his way. Jori had a reputation, and her brilliance in running 93 was discussed throughout the Fleet. He acknowledged her. “Good morning, Commodore.”


“Good morning Captain,” Jori replied, looking at him momentarily before returning her attention to the information she had been reviewing. “How are things coming along on Pesak?” Jori asked.


Lewis stood over the information console, looking at the information, as he answered the question. “Much better than we anticipated. They should be wrapping up repairs, and we should be ready to depart within the next few days. It has helped that the individuals who ran the yards have come back. They said they want to continue where they left off now that the threat is gone.”


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Since our last report back in August, things have continued to be full of excitement as our second Fleet Action, ‘We are the Borg,’ has taken place. This was another success for Task Force 93 in winning a second Fleet Action remaining champion! Which ended the year with a bang!

Task Force Updates

There have been several changes since our last report; I want to thank the last couple of Task Force 93’s Executive Officers, Simon Trent (Garrett) and Dal Jayce (Heidi), for all they did for the members of the Task Force! I am excited to be able to welcome Fleet Captain Brodie Lewis (Darth) as Task Force 93’s new Executive Officer.

Bravo Fleet had done something different last year that they had not done before and held not only one Fleet Action but two. This was a huge undertaking in and of itself, and I want to personally thank the BFSS for their hard work in orchestrating such a task. “We Are The Borg” Fleet Action took place towards the end of the year. (Which Task Force 93 won again, remaining FA champions).

Fiction Updates

  • Saratoga Squadron: The USS Saratoga and USS Triumph had been sent to the Nasara system to assist with repairs, picking up where the Polaris had left off. Meanwhile, the USS Knight had answered a distress call from a freighter requiring assistance with repairs. At the same time, engineers had begun to fix their engines; security found they were transporting illegal goods. They confiscated the cargo and let them go with a slap on the wrist after repairing what they could of their engines. After arriving back at Starbase 93, the USS Triumph was sent on an undercover mission to Freecloud to stop a secret auction selling Borg technology. They were able to bring down the operation without much issue. They took those involved into custody as well as rescued xBs that were being held captive.
  • USS Redding: The USS Redding had been sent to Xi Velorum, the last location of the USS Franscini, after it had been reported missing. They had found the ship sitting in an ion storm in a nebula. After initially having difficulty scanning the ship due to some kind of distortion field, they discovered that the deflector dish was emitting a signal, scrambling everything while most of the ship was without power. An away team had been sent to Franscini to determine what had happened. They find signs of the ship’s internal wiring being bitten and ripped out. They soon realized that there were half-assimilated crew members and began to make their way down to engineering, where they found some crew members. They had learned what had happened and devised a plan to rescue those who had not been affected. After a risky scheme, they were able to save the remaining crew and the ship successfully.
  • USS Thyanis: The Thyanis had been assigned to assist Starbases in removing the Borg code from the transporters that had been attributed before Frontier Day events. Their first stop would be Starbase 86. While en route, they had begun to pick up a strange reading two light years from their location. They altered course to investigate after discovering an S-band frequency distress call being used that had been transmitted by a human origin asking for help. Upon discovering the location, they had established orbit. Suddenly, the ship was caught in some kind of tractor beam, which caused them to crash into the planet below. They discovered it was a combination of a dampening field and tractor beam disrupting the engines and pulling them from orbit. They then began to investigate what was going on, only to find a crash site and settlement from an aircraft that had been reported missing 300 years ago. They find themselves in a complicated situation that they must figure out how to solve.
  • USS Eagle: The USS Eagle picked up a Borg sphere on sensors heading towards the Calus system. They followed the sphere while keeping a distance. Upon arrival, Captain Kirby ordered them to stay put even after the planet sent out a distress call. The Sphere scanned the planet and moved on after not finding what they were looking for. After speaking with the governor, they still looked for what the Borg sought. They then followed the sphere to Alpha Brama. Upon arrival, they found two Romulan ships blocking the sphere and attempting to stop the Borg, only for one ship to get destroyed while the other was disabled. The sphere scanned the planet and then moved on but only stopped and returned after the Eagle moved closer to the Romulan ship, scanning the ship and a lone Borg drone appearing on the bridge. The crew remained where they were, and the drone accessed information from the science station before it left the ship. The sphere seemed to have left the area back towards Borg space.
  • USS Sausalito/USS North Carolina: The USS Sausalito had been sent to Coppelius to observe a Borg probe to see what they were after. Upon arrival, the captain sent an away team over to the probe. A short time later, the probe powered up shields and engines, trapping the away team onboard for a few hours before powering down, and the away team recovered before the Borg probe left the system. After completing their mission, the crew of the Sausalito was reassigned to the USS North Carolina, a Rhode Island-class ship, where they began to settle.
  • USS Cupertino: The USS Cupertino’s newest venture starts away from the ship by interviewing the inhabitants on the planet of Quor’kathar. The inhabitants’ growth as a species is being halted by the telepathic field of the planet. After being made aware by the journalist Vivienne Claybrook, who is now a freelance journalist on the Cupertino, the crew of the Cupertino are preparing to help investigate the situation and see what is going on. 

Task Force Recognition


  • Commodore Imya Jori – Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism and Medal of Achievement
  • Lieutenant Commander Iskander al-Kwaritzmi – Star for Distinguished Service and Meritorious Service Cross
  • Captain Struan MacLeod – Star for Distinguished Service
  • Commander Roger Allen – Meritorious Service Cross
  • Lieutenant Commander Cole Shepard – Meritorious Service Cross
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade Nichelle Trova – Medal of Achievement


  • Iskander al-Kwaritzmi – Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander
  • Thelor ch’ldrani – Fleet Captain
  • K’vagh – Lieutenant
  • Lokka – Cadet Junior Grade and Cadet Senior Grade
  • Alex Peak – Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Cole Shepard – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, and Lieutenant Commander
  • Anders Ownsby – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, and Ensign
  • Nichelle Trova – Cadet Sophomore Grade, Cadet Junior Grade, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman, Ensign, and Lieutenant Junior Grade


As always, I am happy to see the continued activity happening within Task Force 93. There are still many ways for you to continue getting involved, from competitions to writing and even gaming. I am also excited to see what the new year will bring and all the exciting things that might be planned for this year. Stay tuned for the updates happening to the BFMS and what the BFSS has planned for future campaigns and fleet actions for 2024!