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USS Sacramento

Task Force 72

“Ad Astra Per Laborum” – To the Stars through Labour.

No finer epitaph can so succinctly summarize the continuing voyages of the venerable California Class Utility Cruiser USS Sacramento.

Laid down in the late 2360’s, the “Sac” is one of the older California’s serving Bravo Fleet – one of the many tireless and unassuming workhorses that labour behind the scenes to keep the 4th Fleet supplied and supported, whilst the thoroughbreds take the fore.

Outfitted as an Engineering Support Vessel (sic ~ Gold-Top), this aging yet vital Starfleet vessel is as tough as she comes, having undergone several refits during her service life and continues to disembark Starbase 72 (on-schedule) ready & able to fulfil a wide range of Fleet Support and Re-supply missions. When the occasion demands, the crew are sometimes tasked with the conduct of Second Contact, Survey follow-up and Diplomatic/Personnel transport missions.

Overlooked by some (until it’s time for a tow back to spacedock) but well maintained and much – beloved by the fledgling crews who rotate through her below-decks, the USS Sacramento looks set to voyage well beyond her original intended design – life.

Content on this command is rated at 222 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy. Mild swearing, contextual violence, and limited/romantic sexual interaction may be present. It is intended for audiences (16+).

RPG Rating 2 2 2

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Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Task Force 72 - Commanding Officer
ID: 2688
Commanding Officer
ID: 1295
Executive Officer
ID: 1295
2nd Officer / Chief Operations Officer
ID: 1295
Chief Engineering Officer
ID: 1295
Chief Communications Officer
ID: 1295
Chief Science Officer
ID: 1295
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 1295
Chief Security Officer
ID: 1295
Lead Helm Officer
ID: 1295
Lead Tactical Officer
ID: 1295
Chief of the Boat
ID: 1295
Command Midshipman
ID: 1295

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18 May 2024

The Ascendant - Pt 2

USS Sacramento: All Tomorrow's Yesterdays

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12 May 2024

The Ascendant - Pt 1

USS Sacramento: All Tomorrow's Yesterdays

Sam’s head snapped back from her monitor, a sudden – urgent tone of panic rising in her voice as she turned to address Lieutenant Commander Vodrova in the Command Chair. “Commander!” the Comms Officer warned, “There’s something wrong with the array!” Aleksandra Mariana Mikelovaya [...]

26 April 2024

Leviathan Calls

USS Sacramento: All Tomorrow's Yesterdays

In the close, the downfall of the Primarion Gerontocracy began innocuously enough, as these things so often do, with a vain and ambitious man pressing a button. That this was done with considerable pomp and fanfare in front of the entire population of the Primarion civilization was ultimately [...]