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Aileen Hojas

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Chief Petty Officer Hoja




Aileen Layla Liongson Hoja


Palawan, Philippines


Chief Petty Officer Aileen Layla Liongson Hoja is the Senior NCO aboard the USS Sacramento and as such serves in the capacity of Chief of the Boat – assisting the Command Staff and the Chief Operations Officer in the day-to-day management of the ships compliment of NCO’s and ratings.

Chief Hoja is determinedly loyal to the CO, Commander Allen, having previously served with Nate aboard both the USS Meridian & USS Saroga.

With over 25 years of line – experience, Chief Hoja is not a person to trifle with and has seen just about everything that the Other Ranks can come up with over her long career and seems always to be one step ahead of misdemeanor. A stern taskmaster, Chief Hoja nevertheless loves those under her charge (in her own way) and can recite just about any detail of a crewmember’s service jacket and personal life upon request.


Chief Hojas stands only 5ft 4ins tall, but anyone aboard the USS Sacramento would swear blind that she looms larger.

The Chief holds herself ram-rod straight and her dark Philippine eyes can see to drill a hole clear through deuterium plating.



The Chief exudes toughness and seldom is seen to smile.

Privately Aileen Hojas is the loving mother to her family of five children, who live on Starbase 72 with her husband Raoul (a Civilian Teacher).

Whilst she holds the NCO, Other Ranks (and any number of Junior Officers) in a state of perpetual alertness and grudging respect, Chief Hojas is dedicate to her crew and would gladly lay down her life for any of them without a second thought.

The Chief enjoyed a close personal working relationship with the CO and is seemingly one of the few people aboard the USS Sacramento that is excused from Lt Sorvak’s perpetual ire.


Aileen Layla Liongson Hoja was raised as part of a large family in Palawan in the Philippines and was determined to rise above her beginnings – applying for enlistment with Starfleet in 2381. She graduated the Starfleet Technical Services Academy in 2385, as a qualified Transporter Operations Specialist and joined the crew of the Nebula – class cruiser USS Meridian, where she would meet the young officer who would shape the remainder of her career – Nathan Allen.

Aileen transferred to the USS Saroga when Lt Commander Allen transferred to the Akira – class vessel, rising steadily through the ranks to Petty Officer and gaining the respect of all that served with her as the Command Yeoman.

Again, joining Commander Allen as he took Command of the California – class Utility Cruiser USS Sacramento, Chief Petty Officer Hoja appreciates that the role of the ship means that she can spend more time with her husband and family that reside on Starbase 72.

The CO and Chief of the Boat share an unbreakable bond of trust and comradeship that form the backbone of efficiency and discipline aboard ship.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2381 - 2385 Crewman Apprentice Starfleet Technical Services Academy
Crewman Recruit
2385 - 2390 Transporter Operations USS Meridian
Crewman Apprentice
2390 - 2395 Command Yeoman USS Saroga
Petty Officer 1st Class
2395 - Present Chief of the Boat USS Sacramento
Chief Petty Officer