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Vulcan Male

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Lieutenant Sorvak


2nd Officer / Chief Operations Officer
USS Sacramento






Tall, gaunt and glacially imposing, Lieutenant Sorvak is the Chief Operations Officer and longest serving Bridge Officer aboard the USS Sacramento – having spent his entire career aboard the venerable California Class Utility Cruiser – as this seems the logical assignment for an officer with his consummate attention to detail and flair for logistics.

Typically gnomic (as are most Vulcans), Sorvak is a man of few and measured words, eschewing the company of others during his off – duty time, preferring to immerse himself in quiet contemplation of the Kholinar and the life-long challenge of honing his psionic abilities. Sorvak’s once concession to civility are his infrequent Chess matches conducted with Lt Commander Vodrova (in which he invariably triumphs) as he “has occasion to engage in gamesmanship that reminds him of the simplicity of early childhood pursuits.”

As an Operations Officer, Sorvak is without equal, his fastidious attention to detail underpinning the successful daily operations of the USS Sacramento from personnel rostering to payload allocations – he is a master of minutiae. It is for this quality that Lt Sorvak’s contributions to the crew are particularly valued by Commander Allen.


Sorvak is 6 feet tall, with a gaunt but wiry frame – honed by long hours of application of the formidable Vulcan Martial Art of Kareel-ifla.

Sorvak is meticulous in dress and composure, standing sphynx – like at his station during even the most testing of shipside emergencies.



Severe, serious, punctual and parsimonious – Lieutenant Sorvak is the very archetype of a Vulcan Starfleet Officer.

Sombre and fastidious, Sorvak does not harbor any ambition that would interfere with the smooth running of operations aboard ship and has turned down the chance for promotion more than once, assured and content that his current role is the most logical fit for his personality and capabilities.


Sorvak was born on Vulcan in 2351, spending his formative years studying the rudiments of logic at the Vulcan Learning Centre, before graduating to the Science Institute on Ni”var where be pursued a major in Quantum Mechanics. At this time Sorvak had no intention of interest in joining Starfleet, but following the destruction wrought during the Dominion War – felt compelled to service as it was logical to assist the Federation in rebuilding the fractured borders of peace.

Sorvak entered the Academy in 2375 – Graduating in 2379 and was assigned to the 4th fleet. It is particular to note (for anyone that does not know the phlegmatic Vulcan well), that Sorak has remained aboard a single command – the USS Sacramento – for his entire career, making him the ship’s longest serving Bridge Officer (and having the distinction of serving under several former CO’s).

To most aboard the USS Sacramento, Lt Sorvak is part of the furniture and his very presence at the Operations console is a comforting surety to many crewmembers.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 - 2379 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2379 - Present Chief Operations Officer USS Sacramento