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Samantha Hyland

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Hyland


Commanding Officer
USS Savannah




Samantha Elise Hyland


USS Venture


Samantha Hyland is a Starfleet Officer assigned to duty with Bravo Fleet’s Taskforce 72. Sam’s parents were both serving Starfleet Officers aboard the USS Venture (where Sam was born and raised), with her father retiring from the service and continuing his career as a Xenoarcheologist in a civilian capacity – following the death of Sam’s mother in the line of duty.

Sam spent the first 5 years of her career serving aboard Starbase 72 as a Command Liaison Officer before transferring to the USS Sacramento as the Chief Communications Officer.

Following the personal tragedy of the incident on Primar Majoris#7, Sam put in for a transfer (eager to put the painful associations with the USS Sacramento behind her) and was received her first Command assignment – the New – Orleans frigate USS Savannah – NCC 57297).


Samantha Hyland is 5ft 8ins tall and is of a slim and athletic build with Ash-Blond hair and Blue Eyes – testament to her Nordic lineage on her mother’s side.

Sam is measured and thoughtful in her movement and holds herself confidently.

Sam Hyland enjoys running – as a way to both exercise and distance herself from her troubles. During her time at the Academy, she undertook unarmed combat instruction – showing particular promise in both Akido & Suus Mahna.

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Red Squadron Cadet - Samantha Hyland

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Communications Officer - USS Sacramento


The first and most striking thing that most people note about Samantha Hyland is her determination.

Personal tragedy has re-shaped the once headstrong young girl into a young woman of steady resolve. Sam has an analytical mind thanks to her father and habitually seeks pertinent facts to inform her worldview.

As a Command Liaison Officer aboard Starbase 72, Sam is adroit with thinking on her feet and responding to a wide range of situations both tactical and political. Her late mother’s influence has taught Samantha the importance of attending to small details.

Sam is confident socially and always seeks to include those outside of the circle.


Samantha Hyland was born amongst the stars of the Gamma Quadrant, one of the numerous progeny born to Starfleet Officers serving aboard the venerable Galaxy – class vessel USS Venture. Sam grew up terrorizing the decks along with a cohort of unruly children from a kaleidoscope of different races as the great ship roamed the cosmos on its mission of peacekeeping & exploration.

Sam’s Father, Lieutenant Jonas Hyland, imparted a fascination for comparative history and culture – in keeping with his profession as a Xenoarcheologist. From Jonas – Sam developed an inquisitive mind and an analytical approach to all but the most self – evident of mysteries. Her Dad used to say that “Every answer to the future lays in the past – a story waiting to be spoken again.”

Dad was annoyingly cryptic sometimes, but always presiding with a warm and wry smile – waiting, gnomically, like Prometheus for the thaw of realization to uncrease his daughter’s determinedly – furrowed brow.

What better prize was there in the realm of creation?

Samantha’s relation with her mother was more straightforward and distinctly complicated at the same time. Ensign Freya Hyland was an Operations Officer, and her manner and outlook was all business. Mom could not abide wasted time or effort and (whilst loving) often seemed exasperated by Sam’s disorganized and headstrong nature.

As Sam grew to early tweenhood these tensions would often lead to conflict and it was during one of these disagreements that Ensign Freya Hyland perished in a shuttle crash during a freak ion storm – leaving Sam as a star unable to reach critical mass.

This loss impacted Samantha profoundly. With so many things to say unsaid and unsayable, Sam withdrew within herself for a while and when she emerged it was as a young woman no longer disorganized, and her uneven temper now tempered. She began to apply herself to her studies assiduously. Her quarters began to be maintained meticulously, and she began to run the halls and decks that she had once played in – haunted by the recent past & driven towards a determined goal.

On her 16th Birthday – Samantha Hyland enrolled into Starfleet Academy, departing the USS Venture aboard the shuttle that would begin the first leg of her long journey to San Francisco – there to pit her determination against one of the most demanding training regimens in Federated Space – in the hopes of becoming a Starfleet Officer.

As a Red Squadron Cadet, Sam elected to Major in Communications Studies at the Academy – with a Science Minor in Applied Sociology & is driven by an abiding conviction of the importance of ensuring connection and understanding between disparate parties – primarily through the conduct of diplomacy & the deft application of linguistics.

When Sam graduated the Academy as a newly minted Ensign, she visited the memorial to those that had fallen in the line of duty and left her hard – won rank pip in front of the eternal flame in mute tribute to her mother (and in some ways a bitter-sweet “See? I TOLD you….”)  and set out to join her graduating classmates as they began to describe their own arc amongst the stars.

For the majority of her Career Lt (Jg) Hyland was glad to distance herself from her life aboard the USS Venture (lingering phantoms of residual guilt not cleared for departure from Shuttle bay 2) & has served as a Command Liaison/Comms Officer aboard Starbase 72 and has been content in her work – but has recently yearned to realize her potential as Command Officer & return to a life in transit amongst the stars, so she put in a transfer request for Shipboard duty and was accepted as a Bridge Officer aboard the California Class Utility Cruiser USS Sacramento (NCC-75580) – gaining promotion to the rank of Lieutenant (Sg) shortly afterwards.

During a seemingly routine mission in the Primarion system, the crew of the USS Sacramento unwittingly awoke a long – dormant Crystaline Entity, that had slumbered for eons beneath the fabulous Reliquary of Ost on Primar Majoris #7, with the activation of a Subspace Communications array that Starfleet had been tasked to emplace throughout the Primarion system.

The resultant psionic – outfall that resulted from the Entity seeking to signal its parent (an ancient Gigalithene Crystal Entity) deep beyond the Gamma Quadrant – caused the deaths of the Federation Science Mission that the USS Sacramento had transported to study the Reliquary and threatened the lives of countless Primarion citizens as it was amplified via the array – leading to open conflict with the ruling B’Queth Gerontocracy and forcing the crew of the USS Sacramento to destroy the array.

Samantha lost her father, Jonas Hyland, when the noted Xenoarcheologist was merged physically and in consciousness with the Entity – becoming as one and leaving Sam effectively orphaned.

In the aftermath of the Primarion Incident, the truth of the progeny of both the ruling B’Queth & servile V’Saal was revealed by the entity to be the product of a century’s old subterfuge by the B’Queth – triggering a brief (but bloody) coup – leading to the downfall of the Gerontocracy and the deterioration of diplomatic relations with the Federation.

After taking a period of leave to grieve her loss in private, Sam put in for a duty transfer (wishing to put the painful associations with the USS Sacramento behind her) and after a brief spell aboard Starbase 72, she was surprised to be awarded her first opportunity to command – assigned as the CO of the newly – reactivated New Orleans Class frigate USS Savannah (NCC – 57297).

With the decimation of 4th Fleet ranks in the aftermath of the disastrous events following Frontier Day, Starfleet is forced more and more to reactivate its mothball fleet assets or delay the retirement of more venerable classes of starship as they struggle to fill the gaps and maintain fleet operations – the demand on experienced Officers to fill more Prestigeous and priority commands and backfill lesser commands with “green” crews – hands Samantha Allen the opportunity of a lifetime.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2392 - 2396 Red Squad Cadet Starfleet Academy
2396 - 2401 Command Liaison Officer Starbase 72
2399 - 2401 Command Liaison Officer Starbase 72
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 Senior Communications Officer USS Sacramento
2401 Senior Communications Officer USS Sacramento
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Commanding Officer USS Savannah
Lieutenant Commander