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Maya O'Mara

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign O'Mara


Lead Helm Officer
USS Sacramento




Maya Siobhan O'Mara


Proxima Centauri - 7


What Maya O’Mara lacks in age, the young Ensign more than makes up for in sheer feistiness and her sure hand as Lead Helmsman aboard the USS Sacramento.

Of unmistakable Irish lineage, the petite native Proxima Centurian is irrepressibly cheerful and does not back down from a fight.

One of the youngest members of the Bridge Crew, in her short time aboard, Maya has earned the respect of the entire crew with her deft handling of the vessel all call home.


Pale skin, a crop of red hair and mischievous green eyes all announce Maya O’Mara. Of a slim build, the 5ft 7ins Helmsman has an easy grace around her movements and sports a knowing smile more often than not.

Ensign O’Mara has incredible reactions, and her manual dexterity is a thing to be believed – as evidenced in many games played of duty, more often for a modest bet.


Maya is vivacious and possesses a deadly sense of humor – she is easily the most popular member of the crew on board and is always the life of the party in 10 Forward.


As a Cadet at Bravo Fleet Academy, Ensign O’Mara gained a spot on the prestigious Academy Flight Display Team – Nova Squadron and graduated in 2197 with a Commandants Commendation.

Ensign Maya O’Mara lives to fly and is a natural pilot, either at the controls of the USS Sacramento, a shuttlecraft or one of the many historical spacecraft and aircraft simulations that she has programmed into the Ships holosuites. As the ships resident flight – nerd, the young officer can recall an incredibly detailed array of technical specifications almost at will – a distinct advantage for any pilot.

Maya is biding her time aboard her first posting, with a long and extensive list if commands that she wishes to serve on once she progresses up the ranks. She is a strong candidate for consideration for secondment to the Fleet Tactical College.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2393 - 2397 Nova Squadron Cadet Starfleet Academy
2397 - Present Lead Helm Officer USS Scaramento