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Profile Overview

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Aleksandra Vodrova

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Vodrova




Aleksandra Aloyna Vodrova


St Petersburg, Earth


Lt Commander Aleksandra Vodrova is the Executive Officer aboard the USS Sacramento, newly arrived to what is her initial placement as a First Officer, Alex is determines to succeed but is still finding her feet and developing her working relationship with the Ship’s CO – Commander Allen.

Alex is a capable officer with some rough edges, that with time and mentorship, holds the promise to make an effective CO herself one day.


Aleksandra is short, only 5ft 6ins tall and asserts herself through force of personality.

With dark hair and grey eyes, Alex’s Slavic roots are evident, and Aleksandra is always impeccably turned out in a crisp uniform.


Lt Commander Vodrova is ambitious and assertive, partly due to her diminutive stature – Alex tends to seek to take the initiative and can seem combative and overly assertive as a result. Nevertheless, Aleksandra is an astute judge of people and their motivations – her Russian heritage often meaning that she will openly state her thoughts and opinions without filters or “window-dressing”, making objective statements seemingly without thought to their impact.


Aleksandra Aloyna Vodrova was born in Liteyny Prospekt in St Petersburg in 2371, moving to Luna with her family when her father gained employment a Worker bee operator at the Copernicus Shipyards.

As a child, Alex would sometimes hitch a ride with her “Папа” as he worked, looking out in wonder at the superstructure of a Starfleet Vessel as it was slowly born, her mind teeming with the possible futures that the beautifully – lined vessel would one day transport her crew towards.

Starfleet Academy was the logical and only career pathway for Aleksandra and although she sometimes struggled with her academic studies, she applied the same dogged resolve that typified all of her actions and persevered to complete the Bridge Officer’s course & graduate the Academy as an Ensign in 2391.

Ensign Vodrova was assigned to 4th fleet as a Junior Helm Officer aboard the Sovereign Class Exploratory Cruiser USS Hyperion and thrilled at the opportunity to pilot such a magnificent vessel.

Aleksandra’s next posting was less Prestigeous, as she transferred to the Nova Class Survey Vessel USS Cousteau. Nevertheless, Alex applied herself to her role as Chief Helm Officer with customary aplomb and rose to the rank of Lt (SG).

With advancement to the rank of Lt Commander, Aleksandra Vodrova elected to tread the path of a Command Officer and put in for a transfer to the California class Utility Cruiser USS Sacramento as Executive Officer – correctly assuming that this posting is a sensible career step towards gaining her own command eventually.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2391 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2391 - 2395 Junior Helm Officer USS Hyperion
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2400 Senior Helm Officer USS Cousteau
2400 - Present Executive Officer USS Sacramento
Lieutenant Commander