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Abaywe Eboneke

Human Male

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Eboneke




Abaywe Eboneke


Nairobi, Kenya


Lieutenant (Jg) Abaywe Eboneke is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Sacramento and also the Husband of Security Chief Ensign Jan De-Vries.

Dr Eboneke has a Major in Nanomedical Science with a minor in Trauma Medicine and possesses a calm and confident bedside manner. Compassion is the cornerstone of his practice and many members of the Ships compliment feel comfortable in confiding with Abay.

Abaywe made the decision to transfer from his post aboard Starbase 72, when his partner was assigned to the USS Sacramento – the two of them sharing quarters and are some of the few married couples aboard the Starship.


Dr Eboneke is a fine – featured African male, with an athletic physique and exudes a calm and confident manner.

Whilst a fastidious clinician, Abaywe dresses casually when off duty and is one of the least pre-possessing officers aboard.


Lieutenant (Jg) Abaywe Eboneke is a Doctor’s Doctor. His bedside manner is warm and convivial, and he is as much a believer in the restorative potential of positive assurance as he is of clinical practice and medical science.

Calm and reasoned, Abaywe seems to possess an infinite font of patience and it is rare to see the taciturn medic lose his composure.

Besides his husband Jan, Dr Eboneke’s passion is for art and painting – holding an abiding interest in Xeno-cultural art forms.


Dr Abaywe Eboneke graduated Starfleet Academy after completing his post graduate studies in clinical practice and was first assigned to the USS Pasteur’s Trauma Medical Response Team.

A transfer saw Dr Eboneke assigned to Medical Research duties aboard Starbase 72 – where he formed part of a team reverse engineering viable medical nanites from Borg Samples. It was here that he met his future Husband, Jan De-Vries and was married.

When Jan was assigned to the USS Sacramento, Abay decided to leave station-life behind him and gladly joined his partner aboard ship, in the capacity of the Chief Medical Officer. At first Jan protested, not wanting his husband to sacrifice his career, but Abay was resolute, and the matter was settled.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2395 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2395 - 2397 Trauma Specialist USS Pasteur
2397 - 2399 Medical Research Officer Starbase 72
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - Present Chief Medical Officer USS Sacramento
Lieutenant Junior Grade