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Nathan Allen

Human Male

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Commander Allen






Nathan Michael Allen


Mars, Sol System


Commander Nathan Allen in the CO of the California Class Utility Cruiser USS Sacramento (NCC-75580). A Martian Native of the Sol System, Nate Allen is a no – nonsense officer with a workman – like attitude to his duties and is known for his wry sense of humor. A dedicated career officer, Nate sees his Command of the USS Sacramento as a stepping- stone to a larger, more prestigious command and is determined to see that his ship and crew’s performance is nothing short of exemplary.


Nathan Allen is approaching his 40th decade but keeps himself in peak physical condition.

With dark hair, just starting to grey at the temples, Nate has a rugged and careworn face of an outdoorsman.

Commander Allen holds himself in a relaxed manner that belies the steady resolve of the man underneath.


Nathan Allen is a Mission focused officer, that understands that his crew are his biggest asset and simultaneously his biggest liability. As a result, he generates a collegiate working environment, but sometimes tends to micromanage – a trait he is conscious of and tries to temper as he develops as a CO.

Nate has a wry sense of humor and is generally warm with his crew. A confirmed bachelor, Nate is wedded to career and command and has a keen passion for mountaineering – taking the opportunity to scale new heights when on planet side leave or otherwise contenting himself in holodeck simulations of some of the galaxies more challenging peaks.


Nate was born in Olympus Mons on Mars in the Sol System and carries with him an air of the rugged colonists of the 21st century that carved out a habitable existence on one of earth’s closest Neighbour planets during the days of the United Earth Government.

Nathan Allen attended Starfleet Academy in San Franciso, graduating in 2382 and was assigned as an Ensign to the Nebula Class vessel USS Meridian as a Junior Tactical Officer, where he advanced to the rank of Lt (Sg).

In 2390, Lt Allen was transferred to duty aboard the Akira Class vessel USS Saroga and served as Chief Tactical Officer, advancing to the rank of Lt Commander – before serving for a short time as XO.

Nate transferred to 4th Fleet in 2395 and was assigned to the USS Sacramento upon his promotion to the rank of Commander – a command he holds to this day.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2378 - 2382 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2382 - 2390 Junior Tactical Officer USS Meridian
2390 - 2395 Senior Tactical Officer USS Saroga
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - Present CO USS Sacramento