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Jan De-Vries

Human Male

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Ensign De-Vries


Jan Micheal De-Vries


Johannesburg, South Africa



Primar Majoris#7 - Primarion System


Ensign Jan De-Vries fulfils the role of Chief Security Officer aboard the USS Sacramento.

Whilst still a young officer, Jan is a methodical and alert security officer – with a propensity for Investigation and is dedicated to protecting the personnel under his care.

This includes Jan’s Husband, Dr Abaywe Eboneke, who serves as Chief Medical Officer aboard ship.

Jan is vital and athletic, a natural sportsman, he excels in a number of sporting codes from both his native Earth and the panoply of planets that he visits.


Jan is a young and attractive South African male, with an extremely athletic and well-developed frame.

Jan typifies the discipline of a Starfleet Security officer and is always impeccably turned out, both on duty and off.


Jan De-Vries is an affable and gregarious young man, with a passion for sports and an accordingly competitive spirit.

In direct contrast to his calm and compassionate partner, Jan is alive with energy and is often seen running the decks of the USS Sacramento or engaged in a solo or team sport pursuit in one of the cargo – bays or holosuites.

As a Security Officer, Jan is reserved and able to apply violent action in a measured and controlled manner. Jan always considers all options before acting, but when he acts it is decisive and final.


Ensign Jan De-Vries graduated Starfleet Academy in 2398 and was assigned to Security Division duty aboard Starbase 72.

It was aboard Starbase 72 where he met his future husband and was soon happily married. However, Jan found duty aboard a Starbase stifling and yearned to be out amongst the stars – but did not wish to disrupt Abay’s important work in Medical Research, so did not put in for transfer.

The decision was made for him, when Dr Eboneke applied for service aboard the USS Sacramento – forcing Jan to follow suit and sign – on as the Security Chief. Of all the people Jan has to protect, it is his husband that the young officer is most worried about and constantly tries to discourage Abay from joining away teams – to no avail.

A passionate protector of life and liberty, Ensign Jan De Vries laid down his life in an act of ultimate sacrifice during the Primarion Incident in 2401.6. Deliberately steering a course between the stricken USS Sacramento and a deadly torpedo barrage launched by a Gerontocracy Naval Cruiser during the events that were precipitated by the destruction of the Reliquary of Ost on Primar Majoris #7, the awakening of the long – dormant Crystaline Entity (that the Primarion of old had worshiped as their deity) and the civil unrest that saw the downfall of the ruling B’Queth by their subjugated subjects – the V’Saal – Jan fell in service to his family and crew.

Ensign Jan De Vries was buried at space with full Starfleet Honors and his star joined those commemorating the fallen at Starbase 72. He leaves behind his widowed husband, Dr Abaywe Eboneke.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2394 - 2398 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2398 - 2399 Security Investigations Officer Starbase 72
2399 - 4201.6 Chief Security Officer USS Sacramento