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Cerine Duval

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Duval


Cerine Madalene Duval


La Rochefoucauld - France


Lt (Jg) Cerine Duval serves as the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Sacramento.

A published Cultural Anthropologist, Cerine has served as part of a First Contact Away Teams aboard the Intrepid – Class Vessel USS Fitzgerald, but due to her father’s ill health, she has opted for duty aboard a California – class vessel as its frequent stops at Starbase 72 means that Cerine can be closer to her father as he receives treatment.

Cerine is a reasoned, open – minded scientist and is endlessly fascinated in how different races who share a common cultural system organize and shape the physical and social world around them, and are in turn shaped by those ideas, behaviors, and physical environments. The second contact missions that the USS Sacramento engages in provide Cerine ample opportunity to indulge in this passion and running the small, but busy, sciences team keeps her more than busy.


Cerine is of medium height and build and holds herself with that effortless panache that only the French can seem to master.


Lt Duval is an observer of culture and behavior, making her an asset for any command.

If she has a failing it is that she sometimes can get too involved in the goal of her research to the detriment of all other considerations. As with most persons of high intellect, the state of her quarters sometimes looks like the Grav – plating has momentarily failed and is a testament to disorganization. In her work, however Cerine is meticulous.

Cerine has an easy – going personality and is acceptant of most cultures and behaviors – but cannot abide cruelty for its own sake.


Cerine Duval gradated Starfleet Academy in 2396 and was assigned to a First Contact team aboard the Intrepid Class vessel USS Fitzgerald.

In 2399 she transferred to the USS Sacramento to serve as it’s Chief Science Officer when her father, the famous Cellist – Rene Duval, was diagnosed with the onset of early Motor Neuron Disease. With her father receiving gene – therapy at the Medical Facilities aboard Starbase 72 – duty aboard a California Class Utility Cruiser means that Cerine is able to visit her father regularly between missions.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2390 - 2396 Cadet Bravo Fleet Academy
2396 - 2399 First Contact Specialist USS Fitzgerald
2399 - Present Chief Science Officer USS Sacramento
Lieutenant Junior Grade