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J'hvohuk Cas

Half Klingon/Half Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Cas


Lead Tactical Officer
USS Sacramento


J'hvohuk Cas


Ursula Majoris - 5


J’hvohuk Cas is a hybrid Klingon/Human Starfleet, who serves as Lead Tactical Officer aboard the USS Sacramento.

Reviled by his Klingon peers as a “Mongrel”, J’hvohuk nevertheless cleaves to his Klingon heritage, although he was raised by his Human biological mother on the Alpha Quadrant planet of Ursula Majoris – 5. The concept of honor is a unifying concept to J’hvohuk.

J’hvohuk struggles, at times, to quantify his aggressive Klingon tendencies – by tempering them with rigorous study of the martial disciplines of the bat’leth & mek’leth.


Outwardly J’hvohuk Cas resembles his human mother – with only a slightly pronounced cranial ridge, although he possesses a full set of Klingon Teeth.

In internal anatomy, J’hvohuk possesses organs, skeletal frame and musculature more akin to his Klingon Father.

J’hvohuk is physically imposing, standing some 6ft 2ins tall and moves with the lithe, feral gait of a warrior. He is stern of countenance and wears a hybrid Starfleet uniform that is influenced by his Klingon heritage.



J’hvohuk is stern and insular – a lifetime as a hybrid has left the young officer unsure of his place in the Galaxy and he finds it difficult to relate to either Klingon or Humans due to this dichotomy.

The concept of honor is central to J’hvohuk’s worldview, and he strongly identifies with Klingon culture – despite its rejection of his very being.

J’hvohuk is locked in an endless struggle to repress his more violent tendencies, his tenure as a Starfleet Officer has helped him embrace the necessary discipline to achieve this goal.


J’hvohuk Cas was born to a Human mother – who has never divulged the identity of his Klingon father, despite years of conflict between mother and son because of this refusal. J’hvohuk grew up on Ursula Majoris – 5 as child of two nations – accepted by neither and struggled greatly with internal conflict and anger as a result.

Determined to connect with his Klingon lineage and follow the path of a warrior, J’hvohuk enrolled into Starfleet academy and found the direction and disciplined he required to grow past his anger. Graduating as an Ensign, J’hvohuk was assigned to the USS Sacramento.

Whilst the opportunities for a Tactical Officer to excel aboard a Utility Cruiser are somewhat limited, Ensign Cas takes his duties seriously – knowing that the true warrior does not seek out battle, rather battle comes to him. J’hvohuk is sure that his destiny will eventually lead him towards a command where he will prove his worth.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2394 - 2398 Cadet Bravo Fleet Academy
2398 - Present Lead Tactical Officer USS Sacramento