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Task Force 72 July 2022 Report

August 17, 2022


“Incredible progress in such a short amount of time,” she said with a slow nod. “I’m intrigued, though. How did you get past the labor issue you indicated in earlier reports?”

Ah, yes. The stumbling block that had led to nearly three days of stalemate. In order to be allowed into Mauo society, which was crucial as the convoy lacked the life support capabilities or resources to reach any other worlds, the refugees would be required to carry out the jobs no one else in society wanted. In essence, they would be seen as a lower class, with restrictions on what they could do to earn a living. Thankfully, the Vulcan and his entourage had been able to convince the government representatives of the value of having these skilled labourers throughout Mauo society, not just in the fields and the factories. Construction, development, some even had a proclivity for the sciences or medicine. The representatives agreed, but only after six months of the original offer, if the Remans could prove to them they would be contributing members of society, and not a drain on already limited resources.

Captain Ruas nodded along as the Vulcan continued his report.

“Although not what they originally desired, it is a stark improvement on living conditions aboard their transports, and allows the refugees to make a life for themselves,” he said, “and the government on Mauo have agreed to re-evaluate the relationship six months from now, with a view to further developments and allowing the Remans wider access to society.”

Ruas slowly let out a deep breath and a whistle with a tonal incline. It was a solution, the Trill felt, and whilst it was not a solution anyone had hoped for, it was a solution that allowed the Reman refugees off of their transports and to plant some roots in an environment suitable for their predisposition to light.

“In acceptance of the deal, I have agreed to recommend that a review of the planet’s membership petition take place at the Council’s earliest convenience,” the Vulcan added, “which I believe to have been a powerful motivator for breaking the deadlock.”

“Superb, Captain. Please commend your crew for a job well done. These initial negotiations were always going to be difficult, but you have acquitted yourselves well and the Remans now have a safe place to call home,” she nodded.

There was a pause as Ruas processed the situation on Mauo.

“With that out of the way, we have more pressing matters to attend to. Task Force 72 has been charged with making diplomatic overtures to the many independent factions that have emerged since the coup on Rator. We’re sending the K’Ehleyr, HorizonUlysses and several other assets, across the border and into the independent territories with such diplomatic missions in mind,” Ruas said.

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The State of Task Force 72 in Play

Task Force 72 has a new Priority Mission! Members can use this briefing to write Stories connected to the TF’s narrative and the newest developments in fleet canon:

The Romulan Star Empire has collapsed, fallen to nothing more than Rator and a smattering of worlds around it, with the region now referred to as the ‘Independent Romulan Factions’. These range from small collectives to the homes of warlords, some eking out their own existence, some vying for domination. Many are on or near the border with the Federation or their friends in the Romulan Republic.

Starships of TF72 have been charged with establishing diplomatic contact with these disparate border factions. Through tentative first communications, cautious negotiation on neutral ground, or welcome visits to these new governments, Starfleet seeks understanding and to build local relationships. A firm peace with the Romulan factions is ideal, but non-aggression is essential, and very little is known about any of these disparate new minor powers.

Fiction Updates

July saw the completion of the Sundered Wings Fleet Action. While Task Force 72 couldn’t hold up to the sheer numbers output by Task Force 47, we did not give up. With a total of 81 competitions entered, 60 gaming ribbons, 52,750 words of solo fiction writing, and 6 collaborative pieces, we pulled off a glorious second place finish, for which I am proud of each and every member for making it happen.

With all of the stories that had been posted since the last report, you may have missed all the excitement that took place in the fleet action over its six-week run, such as the tales aboard USS Mogrus with a supposedly orphaned Romulan girl, or USS Heracles facing off with pirates on the outskirts of the Velorum Sector. The weekly summaries below on BFMS can quickly catch you up.

However, with all of that behind us, we now look ahead to the following missions that have kicked off since its completion.

  • USS Heracles – After the orders from Starfleet to aid in the coupe that was led by the Remans, and some Romulans in the Velorum sector, USS Heracles and her crew have been ordered to return to Earth for repairs and refits.
  • USS Ulysses – Reassigned to a specialist diplomatic unit, Ulysses must travel to a recent stomping ground in order to open diplomatic talks with species from an independent area of Romulan space.

Task Force Recognition

New Executive Officer

The news however doesn’t stop there. Back in June, around the end of Phase 1 of the Fleet action, Lieutenant Commander T.J. Rivers tendered his resignation as Task Force Executive Officer. Since that time, applications were opened to fill the vacancy and I am pleased to announce that Captain Italia Ruas, aka Kai, has been appointed to fill the position. Kai comes to Task Force 72 as a transfer from 47. His wealth of experience in the fleet will certainly prove to be a great asset to the Task Force staff.


Task Force 72 would not be where it is without the hard work and dedication of each of its members. From fiction writing to fleet-wide competitions to gaming, each and every member below has shown a significant amount of contribution. The Task Force staff would like to recognize each and everyone that has received a merit award or promotion since the last report for those that may have missed the announcements previously in Discord.

Medal of Achievement

Silver Palm

Star for Distinguished Service

Star Cross


Cadet Sophomore Grade

Cadet Junior Grade

Cadet Senior Grade


Lieutenant Junior Grade




July was a fantastic month for the Task Force, with plenty of activity, several new members and fictions starting up. We’re after more of the same for August, with an extra push on adding some competitions into the mix. Many of you routinely participate in the various competitions the fleet regularly offers, but have you ever wanted to be the one to organize a competition of your own? Now is the chance. We’re looking for a couple of enthusiastic individuals that are interested in organizing and judging a competition in the coming weeks. If you are interested, please reach out to a member of the Task Force Senior Staff as soon as possible. If you’ve never run one before and need some guidance, we’ll be more than willing to help you out.

We’d also like to see a push on updating fiction pages on the BF Wiki. These pages are your historical database of sorts, a place where your legacy can live on once you have moved on to bigger, and better things. By having a complete wiki article for your command, anyone stepping in to your shoes can ensure the adventures you embarked upon are included in the ship’s history and never forgotten. If you want to see some good articles, check out the following wiki pages for examples of excellent quality: Pegasus, Endeavour and Arcturus

If anyone needs any assistance updating their wiki page, Kai is more than willing to assist, so feel free to hit him up in the TF72 lounge on Discord.

In closing, Task Force 72 had a wicked month in July. Let’s see what fantastic achievements August can bring, starting off with competitions and, should you choose to get involved, the new  Priority Mission