Medal of Achievement #1

Aug 02, 2022
When one takes a moment to think about what comprises a fleet, the first thing that comes to mind is its officers and ships. Often we forget about the fresh Cadets and their contributions. Without them, the fleet would not grow. One such Cadet is Ravenwolf. Ravenwolf joined Bravo Fleet right at the commencement of the Sundered Wings Fleet Action. Since then she has been taken under the wing of her mentor Vivid.

Since their last promotion on June 27th to Cadet Junior Grade, Ravenwolf had participated in 2 competitions during Phase 3 and earned a total of 6 Challenge Coins for their contributions as a whole to the fleet action. These small contributions were instrumental in helping to secure a second place win for Task Force 72 and it is with the sincerest gratitude that I nominate Ravenwolf for the Medal of Achievement. Congratulations!