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Sundered Wings: Week 3 Fiction Update

June 20, 2022

This is it, folks, the end of Week 3 – and at roughly halfway through Phase 2, we’re roughly halfway through the whole of the Fleet Action! I’m delighted to report that our writing activity has been staggering through this phase, in writing both alone and in a group, with 22 individual writers earning 13 Duty Ribbons and a whopping 361 Service Ribbons. The latter alone are 90,250 words!

And, again, that’s just this phase. Overall, 33 writers have earned 37 Duty Ribbons and 1,171 Service Ribbons, which is a grand total of 292,750 words. Can we hit half a million words before the Fleet Action is over? I know you can.


Week 3 (Saturday 11th – Friday 17th June)

Bravo Fleet Headquarters

USS Arcturus

Teams from Arcturus work to repair the warp drives of several obsolete Romulan ships holding refugees on their way into Federation space, while senior officers work to verify the story of Oban, who claims to have intelligence data in exchange for his safety. Meanwhile, the science department discovers a pod of gormaganders close to the ship’s course. As they are obligated to investigate, Arcturus approaches and uses the spectacle as an opportunity to show the refugees a moment of wonder and hope, only to find that it’s a Romulan trap. 

USS Challenger

Captain Forrester and his senior officers practice the age-old art of diplomacy through a flashy reception in dress uniforms. The crew is amused when they believe Forrester is merely unable to tolerate Romulan liquor, but this quickly turns to shock when he is rushed back to the ship as a medical emergency. 

USS Endeavour

Amid their efforts in the Agarath system, Captain Rourke and the crew of Endeavour make steps towards improving Starfleet’s relations with the system’s Reman inhabitants on both a personal and political level. Department heads find mixed successes in their one-on-one interactions with their counterparts until the situation escalates with the destruction of one of the weapons installations they’d been sent to build. The Hazard Team prepares to charge in facing unfavorable odds. 

USS Odyssey

Aboard Odyssey, progress is made to understand the cause of the climate change and trinimbic interference on Vorash, complicating the crew’s effort to stabilize the Velorum Sector. With Ferengi logistics assistance courtesy of an old contact of Commander Duncan’s, Odyssey’s aid mission begins in earnest. 

Task Force 17

USS Dvorak

Dr. Pimpernellifolia extends the services of Dvorak’s sickbay to Kuhnri III’s population. After being encouraged by Captain Taes, they invite Ensign Kerry Dawson of the USS Daradax to share her research on Reman dietary requirements. Word reaches the Dvorak that Lieutenant Kellin Rayco and his away team have been arrested for poisoning four Reman teenagers. Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Priya Susarla is also found dead, poisoned by felodesine, a chemical agent used in Romulan Star Navy suicide chips. A regretful Captain Taes liaises with the other captains of the Dvorak’s task group to plan her next steps. 

Task Force 47

USS Saratoga

Receiving visitors from Rhijun aboard the ship, Captain Dex confers with them shortly before the arrival of the Aldore, a ship formerly of the Star Navy. A welcome meeting, however, is soon spoiled with the unwelcome arrival of Orion raiders, who are shortly scared off after delivering an unwelcome cargo planet-side. Working together, a joint Starfleet and Romulan security force manage to find and capture the Orion saboteurs before they can carry out their plan, leaving everyone with questions about what they were planning on doing.

USS Temeraire / USS Ulysses

As the crew of the Temeraire completes their work on the defences intended for Kunhri, the sudden approach of a starship sets the crew on edge, only for it to be revealed to be the sudden arrival of the Ulysses. A quick briefing between Captain sh’Elsas and her former mentor precedes orders to the Temeraire senior staff to get ready to ship out on the older ship as they set forth on a new mission further into the Velorum Sector.

USS Thyanis

Still aboard the warbird Ridaere, Lihran continues his masquerade while attempting to find a way off the ship. Managing to sneak a message off the ship to the Thyanis and back to Starbase Bravo, he becomes wrapped up in events as the Ridaere is attacked by three Klingon ships, one of them even managing to send a boarding party across. While the Ridaere’s crew successfully fends off the attack, Lihran ultimately finds himself in sickbay.

USS Rhyndacus

The Rhyndacus gets underway from the Devron Fleetyards, bound for Starbase Bravo to collect some last-minute crew choices before departing for the Velorum Sector. With a full crew present, a newly prompted Kr’Antren lays out the mission before them – running a Romulan blockade to deliver their much-needed cargo to a world in need.

USS Atlantis

While discussing the current plan on fixing the orbital platforms with other members of the crew, a D’deridex-class warbird decloaks, and the Atlantis goes to red alert. A brief altercation between Commander Koteb and Commander MacIntyre, who stands his ground, results in Commander Koteb giving a warning before departing the system. Meanwhile, planetside Tikva and Counselor Hu meet with Representative Kavos to discuss his faction and where they stand.

SS Vondem Rose

Captured by a gang of Orions, Sidda and the gang are marched through a somewhat calmer part of the city of T’ma’ru until they are eventually introduced to someone in a position of power – Serti, a former Orion madam and now an impromptu leader. After some questions about why they were on Ta’shen to start with, Serti challenges them to properly identify themselves and Sidda settles on an interesting lie before asking for some details about what’s going on locally.

USS Daradax

Thanen and Ril discuss the latter’s discomfort and not being able to join the search for their captain. With no word from Kirin and all evidence pointing to some dire fate, the crew works through the concept of her possible loss, with many of them progressing through the stages of grief differently. Days later however, hope is rekindled with an unexpected call from their CO and her much-delayed return to the Daradax.

USS Erigone / USS Edinburgh

The crew of the Erigone has been transferred to Edinburgh after an attack that has left the Raven-class ship in need of major repairs and refit. Departing from Starbase Bravo after learning that a transport carrying five missing Erigone crew have been kidnapped, they arrive at their last known coordinates to find what seems to be breadcrumbs for them to follow. Thasaz discovers that the Romulans have a new type of weapon that could be a major problem going forward. The Edinburgh finds the missing ship on a planet with only two of their missing crewmen on board as well as a Romulan who was taken prisoner as well. While questioning they learn about the possible identity of the one responsible. Sensors find what seems to be three cloaked ships nearby and discussions start on a plan to draw them into a trap.

USS Adventure

Captain R’Tor calls the staff of the Adventure together for a briefing, outlining their mission to patrol parts of the Velorum Sector. Having taken on a subject matter expert, the ship departs for the Quirnus system to potentially make contact with a Romulan contact.

Task Force 72

USS Tesla

While also confronting the emotional side-effects of her recent promotion and command assignment, Captain Savik prepares to take Tesla out on her maiden voyage on a course set for the Glintara sector on a mission of science and support in lieu of the Velorum sector. Will they remain there or will they suddenly be called into action when they get there?

USS Heracles

Captain Vax beams down to Proto II to meet with Viktor and Simix to discuss Heracles’ involvement in resolving the matter at hand, including leaving a small away team on the planet while supplies are sought out. Late that night, an attempt to breach the Governor’s compound is thwarted by the ill-preparedness of the would-be Romulan attackers, and Heracles faces off with yet another D’deridex battlecruiser determined to prevent the Federation from aiding the people of Proto II.

Task Force 93

USS Sutherland

Amidst some exciting scientific discoveries during a survey mission, Captain MacLeod receives his new orders from Task Force 93 command to proceed to the Velorum Sector. While a research vessel, the large size of the Sutherland will make her ideal for assisting in any evacuation or humanitarian duties, especially to relieve the vulnerable Tui Hedaes mining colony.