Star Cross #1

Aug 02, 2022
Captain Vausees Vax, aka Vividshado or Vivid, as he is known in the Discord, never ceases to amaze me. Whenever momentum needs to be generated within the Task Force Vausees is often at the forefront championing his fellow Task Force comrades to join in on the fun, whether it be through his engaging conversations within the Task Force lounge or by leading by example by delving into the many facets of activities the fleet has to offer. One such example is his willingness to help out other members, with their advancement in the fleet. This is demonstrated by his taking Ravenwolf as his student in the Mentorship Program.

However, his eagerness to rally his fellow troops is but a drop in the bucket, as there is little that he does not do in the fleet. Since his last award of merit on May 17th, just prior to the commencement of the Sundered Wings Fleet Action, Vausees has earned himself 20 Duty Ribbons for his collaborative fictions on the USS Denver, 69 Service Ribbons amounting to approximately 17,250 words for his solo fiction from the USS Heracles.

However, Vausees does not just lend himself to writing fiction. He also participated in a fleet game night hosted on the 25th of June, earning himself 30 Combat Action Ribbons. His participation in the Sundered Wings competitions was also exemplary, participating in 16 competitions across all three phases earning himself 16 Challenge Coins. Of those, Vausees placed 2nd in Phase 1's 'Comment Challenge', Phase 2's 'Comment Challenge' and 'Romulan Trivia' competitions earning himself 3 Starfleet Silver Stars.

Vausees was one of Task Force 72's most active members during the Sundered Wings fleet action and taking into account all of this stellar amount of activity, I would like to nominate Captain Vausees Vax for the Star Cross. Thank you for all of the hard work you have contributed to the fleet and congratulations on an award well deserved!