Sundered Wings: Final Fiction Update

July 12, 2022

And that, as they say, is that! With the end of the sixth week of the Fleet Action, Sundered Wings comes to an end. It’s been a long, thrilling road, and our most active campaign yet! I’m delighted by everyone’s hard work and the stories that you’ve all weaved throughout the process. But before we spend too much time patting ourselves on the back, or looking to the exciting realms of what comes next – how did it all end? This is one gentle bumper-edition of an update, stretching beyond one week to the very end of the FA itself.

Week 6 (Saturday 2nd July – Sunday 10th July)

Bravo Fleet Headquarters

USS Arcturus

Left both reeling and more determined by Arcturus’s recent losses, Lieutenant Galan threatens Oban at phaser-point to reveal the information he has on the warbird threatening the convoy. While the threat proves fruitful, Galan immediately reports himself to Captain Lancaster to be arrested and thrown in the brig for such a breach of regulations. Infuriated by his officer’s decision, Lancaster nevertheless uses the intelligence to defend the convoy from the enemy ship long enough to evacuate refugees from Cardinal 1. With the task almost done, Lancaster braces for a fight – only for Valar, Cardinal 1’s commander, to send word thanking Arcturus for their help, refusing to surrender his ship to Starfleet, and flying his warbird into the enemy ship, destroying them both. Arcturus’s mission has proven broadly a success, the refugees saved at a vicious cost, and Captain Lancaster wastes no time setting course with his precious cargo for Starbase Bravo.

USS Challenger

As the dust settles on Vinex, acting XO Commander Bennett reflects on the past weeks. Forced into assuming command of the Challenger upon Captain Forrester’s poisoning, she was forced to navigate a complex web of deceit, murder, and politics, eased only by the arrival of the Romulan Republic to negotiate as a neutral party. With Vinex guided to a democratic vote to support the Velorum Sector’s membership of the Republic, the crew of the Challenger has a chance to rest and recover – and make plans for the future.

USS Endeavour

Negotiations with Commander Lotharn of the Romulan Star Empire are cut short by the sudden attack of Klingons from the House of K’Var, commanded by renegade younger son Dakor. Lieutenant Kharth is forced to assume command of the Agarath Guard to defend against this new threat, while Klingon landing teams beset the habitation dome of the Husk. Meanwhile, Captain Rourke is ambushed on the decommissioned station where he had privately met Commander Lotharn, and the two enemies are forced to work together against a common foe. When Rourke kills Dakor, son of K’Var, the tide is turned and in battle the joint forces drive the Klingons away – but at a heavy cost. Commander Graelin perishes protecting a mining facility, while Governor Hiran falls in battle on the Husk. Lotharn agrees to withdraw his forces, aware he cannot beat Agarath’s protection, but there remain many questions about the system’s future, its leadership, its path. Endeavour ultimately departs under this cloud of uncertainty, hoping they have done their best for these people, but knowing Agarath’s fate is no longer theirs to shape.

USS Odyssey

The arrival of the Romulan Republic offers Odyssey new ways through the violence on Vorash, with the brother of the leader of the violent Reman faction aboard the Republic ship. Captain McCallister launches a joint rescue operation between his Hazard Teams and the local Qowat Milat, and with its success Starfleet and the people of Vorash realise that Veruk, the Reman leader, has been manipulated by the Tal Shiar. With evidence from the Republic, they persuade Veruk that Starfleet will not return Vorash to the Star Empire or its Remans to slavery, and the world returns to a prospect of peace. The crew of the Odyssey make their farewells to those they have helped and those have helped them, make plans for the future, and at last depart, hoping that this time Vorash is saved for good.

Task Force 17

USS Ahwahnee 

General Prelyet arrives at Foshir III to inspect the Romulan Free State’s latest colonial acquisition. Greeted by Tal Shiar agents Therran and J’Iral, he orders the extermination of the planet’s indigenous Foshirran population, considering them a burden on already stretched food supplies. Having detected spatial distortions from the singularity device, the USS Ahwahnee reaches the Foshir system before these orders can be carried out. Captain Felrak Vordenna, suspicious that a war crime might be about to take place, successfully argues that the Ahwahnee should be allowed to remain in the system to observe. With the help of Betazoid Medical Officer, Lieutenant Aural, Vordenna makes contact with a Foshirran collective telepathic consciousness. Defying Prelyet, he assists both Foshirrans and Remans in forming a new government, securing an agreement from the Romulan Free State for the world to be treated with a high degree of autonomy. 

USS Dvorak

Consul Kecene arrives at the site of Captain Taes’ guerilla seaweed farms on Kunhri III. She remonstrates with Taes once again about the unacceptable manpower requirements required by the farms, arguing that this labour should instead be employed in the planets’ refineries. Kecene reveals that the Romulan Republic has shown interest in the seaweed farms. A number of farm labourers speak up, insisting that they have volunteered for the project. Seeing this, Kecene relents, allowing the return of the Dvorak and the reconstruction of the planet’s hydroponic gardens. In the Dvorak’s mess hall, Lieutenant Sootrah Yuulik invites the crew to give her an informal “performance review”. This quickly devolves into brutal honesty and food being thrown at the acting Chief Science Officer, whose limited social sensitivities cause her to find the situation rather funny. 

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

The Atlantis prepares to engage three Romulan warbirds when one of them turns out to be from the Republic and on their side. As Atlantis engages the Romulan ships in space, Kavos begins his pep talk with his men before storming Tama Flats, believing that he would be the new military commander of Daloon. Velan beams onto one of the platforms to manually take control of the defense network as the fighting continues. Once finished he tells Michaels to accept all auto settings and switch the hardware to autofire, bringing the defense platforms to life and firing on the Implacable. After storming the People’s Assembly, Kavos was led into a trap that ended in his arrest. With the fighting over, the debates would continue until they were able to find a solution to a government that everyone eventually agreed upon. Rel L’rilt and Ritihe Faler were both elected Princeps and a party in their honor begins. Once the crew returns to Atlantis, they took part in a talent contest that had their very own captain front and center singing Danger Zone.

USS Rhyndacus

On the surface of Alth’Ndor IV, Kr’Antren meets with Colonel M’Gok, commander of the Klingon forces who saw off the attackers to the colony. Handing over his prisoner to her own father, Kr’Antren offers a chance to meet with the colony leaders or M’Gok’s other daughter, but he declines, his duty being to track down the other raiders in Romulan territory. With an offer to extend what help they can to the colony, the Rhyndacus finds itself the center of a makeshift medical clinic by the next morning. The arrival of the Romulan Republic at Alth’Ndor changes discussions in regards to the world’s future as they eventually opt to join the Romulan Republic. With Alth’Ndor heading for a brighter future, the Rhyndacus departs, bound for her new theatre of operations.

USS Ulysses

After escorting her convoy of freighters to Kunhri safely, Captain sh’Elas thanks her crew before informing them of their new orders and giving everyone the chance of remaining on the Ulysses or returning to the Temeraire. Commander Gor however is given another task – taking command of the Temeraire, which he opts to turn down in order to stay with the crew. As the next day started, sh’Elas is happy to discover not one of her command crew opted to leave and orders the Ulysses to make ready to leave Kunhri, bound for the Badlands.

USS Thyanis

With a passed along message from Lihran, Thevius opts for an urgent rescue mission. Opting for infiltration, Thevius downplays the risks with his crew before beaming over to the ship they had been following. Finding Lihran, not in itself a difficult task, he does risk exposure but lucks out. Lihran updates him on his own plan and a desire to get two Romulan defectors off the ship as well with a little staged mutiny in the ship’s morning. Come morning and the start of their plan, relying on an impassioned speech from Thevius, the crew of the Romulan ship break out into infighting, giving cover for all four to beam out undetected to the Thyanis and away back to the Federation.

USS Adventure

Still reeling from their last engagement, Adventure is once more engaged by their attacker. With no weapons to fight back though, a clever plan of luring their hunter into an impromptu minefield and detonating it around them sees their attack off. With the threat eliminated, the ship and crew are able to finalise their mission to Port Umbria, delivering the special envoy to help Umbria on it’s path to a new future.

SS Vondem Rose

The perspective of the Vondem Rose’s arrival on the scene from the street is somewhat more explosive, especially for the crew on the ground mounting a defence only to have ship-grade weapons fire near their position. But in the end, there’s no support like air support. With the only thing preventing them from leaving dealt with, the information collected they came to Ta’shen for in the first place now in their possession, Sidda happily engages in a small side business of arms selling before coming to a decision that a holiday wouldn’t be remise. Though perhaps a budget one with Revin’s donation to the new planetary government of Ta’shen?

USS Saratoga

As events unfold in orbit, Imperial troops arrive on the surface of Rhijun to being their assault on the old governor’s palace in an attempt to seize the world once more for the Star Empire. Forewarned, a mixed bag of defenders manage to protect the palace, despite some rather questionable battle tactics by some, capturing the attackers and winning the day. Meanwhile, in space, the Saratoga and Aldore come to blows with the Audex, which decides to focus on its fellow Romulan ship first, forcing Saratoga to put itself before the two ships. As two Republic ships arrive in the system, the Audex’s XO hails, confirming that Jiras is dead and there is no point in dying for a system he had no interest in, abandoning the fight and the Star Empire’s further attempts on the system. This done, all parties are finally able to have a proper discussion regarding the future of Rhijun and Ritru has an expected reunion that hints at a better future.

USS Edinburgh

Edinburgh, forced to fight Commodore Patra and his warbird, faces a losing battle before other nearby Romulan ships opt to intervene. As the dust settles, the Edinburgh crew get to the task of securing their battle-weary vessel before engaging in a bout of prisoner swapping with Klingon and Romulan commanders in the system, ultimately ending up with Patra in their custody. Patra’s interrogation ends with a revelation that all interested political parties agree that his disappearance from the galactic stage would be a good thing and he finds himself bound for a maximum-security prison. Lt Katsumi receives a promotion as well as a new assignment as the ship’s XO, replacing an outgoing Dr Courtmanche. With repairs complete at Starbase Bravo, the Edinburgh sets off for the Kaseas Colony once more to assist the USS Potena, sent to help and investigate after their last visit there. As they arrive, they get started on helping to figure out what is going on with the colony’s star, eventually stumbling upon an unmanned Romulan scout ship – Patra’s Revenge, designed to trigger an artificial supernova. Placing his ship in harm’s way once more, Captain Harris manages to thwart the man’s last play at revenge, but at a steep cost to the Edinburgh with a quarter of the crew giving their lives in the attempt. The day saved, the losses tallied, the Edinburgh is rescued by the USS Polson. As they set course once more to return to the dockyards, Lt Thasaz departs the crew, opting to lead the survivors of Kaseas Colony into a new future amongst the stars. 

USS Daradax

With Kirin back aboard the ship, the crew of the Daradax get to work on the datapad she retrieved, eventually breaking the encryption on it. Details of a secret Imperial weapons research facility in the system send the crew into a flurry of activity as they review all they’ve managed to learn and begin to plan their attack to neutralise the threat.

Task Force 72

USS Mogrus

Lieutenant Muninn is interrogated by her Reman captor Janas. Reluctant to believe her at first, he begins to trust the Lieutenant and Muninn opens up returning the trust, sympatizing with the plight of the Remans. Wishing to convey Muninn’s sincerity to his people, Janas allows her to sit with them and explain herself to them in person. Revasin, still reluctant to believe her, offers to conduct a mind meld to get the full truth. While sating Revasin’s concerns, the mind meld is interrupted when alarms star blaring and the lauch of Mogrus’ distress beacon is detected, allowing for Muninn to be reunited with the rest of her crewmates.

A short time later Janas leads Muninn and Mogrus’s crew to the transporter to return them before the commencement of Reman coup against Hartresk. Little did Janas know, Hartresk and his entourage were already waiting in Mogrus’ transporter room.

USS Xenius

With Cadet Ford subdued the crew work to get the ship systems back in order and stop Xenius from it’s present course. Meanwhile Captain Fawkes meets with their Reman captors and discuss Di’thea’s unconditional terms of surrender. Discussions are interrupted when Xenius enters the system on a collision course with the Reman ship. The Reman crew are ordered to destroy the Raven-class vessel, but when Di’thea discovers his daugher is allegedly on board, he halts it’s destruction.

Task Force 86

USS Neptune

From the bridge of the Romulan vessel Teerh, Captain Civa sits back, waiting as the Federation vessels start arriving. Confident in her resolve, Civa is prepped for an attack.  Meanwhile, on the USS Neptune, Captain Michael Rider oversees the arrival of several Federation ships as the Neptune begins her surveys of the Velorum sector.

Task Force 93

USS Sovereign

The crew of the Sovereign had to act quickly. First an explosion was detected where the wreckage of the miner vessel was, thus Sovereign sent another runabout to investigate. Then Vakai chased a Romulan saboteur through the station just before apprehending them. Then the second runabout had to chase a Romulan shuttlecraft that carried a bomb that would have made the sun go supernova. Luckily, it was foiled and the second saboteur was also apprehended. With the system secure, the command staff of the Sovereign and the mining station enjoy a good meal while all the damage to their machines and equipment are repaired.