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The USS Horizon, is a Resolute-class heavy cruiser, built as a modern replacement for the long-serving Excelsior-class cruiser. Designed with many well-tested technologies, the Horizon and all of it’s sister ships were intended to replace the Excelsior as Starfleet’s standard ship-of-the-line, handling routine duties and patrols alongside the Reliant-class light cruiser that it complements. Under the command of Captain Treylana Hess, she tasked with continued deep space exploration in areas such as the Delta Quadrant as a part of the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 17, 9th Task Group.

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18 October 2021

Chapter 1

USS Horizon: Episode 3 - The Unexpected Stranger

With lunch taken care of, a succulent braised lemon chicken and risotto, Sumiko tidied her dinnerware to be collected and then proceeded back to the condo to prepare herself for the afternoon keynote address. She would have preferred to wear something more comfortable and feminine, but given that [...]

9 October 2021


USS Horizon: Episode 3 - The Unexpected Stranger

Sumiko closed the lid on the cylindrical case that held the items she was going to need while Atlantia was docked. The crew had been ordered to take leave while the ship was having her warp coils replaced. She opted to pack light as they were only expected to be docked for a few days at the [...]

9 October 2021

A New Ship

USS Horizon: Episode 2 - Chance Connection

As the blue and white marbled sphere grew larger on the viewscreen, Atlantia slowed to sub-light speed. It was not Treylana’s plan to be returning to Earth so soon, but her recent mission in the Delta Quadrant had taken its toll on the ship, and she was in need of some desperate repairs. If [...]

15 September 2021

Loose Ends

USS Horizon: Episode 1.3 - Restoration

Treylana made her way back to sickbay just as Allan was cleaning up the surgical area. She looked over at the two biobeds at her sleeping crewmate and longtime friend and the young teenage boy who nearly had his whole life taken away from him. She didn’t fully understand the readouts, only what [...]