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Sundered Wings: Week 2 Fiction Update

June 13, 2022

Week 2 (Saturday 4th June – Friday 10th June)

Bravo Fleet Headquarters

USS Arcturus

Arcturus arrives at the Romulan border to assess and assist an incoming convoy of refugees from the Velorum sector. Away teams are sent to assist in the evacuation of some of the more critically damaged vessels, while engineers assist others in getting their engines back online. Aboard Arcturus, it is revealed that one of the refugees is the son of one of the governors overthrown in the recent rebellions. 

USS Challenger

Challenger’s mediation between the Romulan and Reman contingents at Vinex II quickly turn out to be more contentious than they ever imagined. Old animosities come to a head, and Captain Forrester and the ship’s diplomatic officer, Dr. Bentley, must try to make progress for the purposes of the day’s negotiations in the face of millennia of racial animus. Meanwhile, the Tal Shiar seek, as always, to interfere.

USS Endeavour

Now working among the general population across the Agarath system, the crew of the Endeavour must work hard and diligently as they proceed to find what the inhabitants need to survive independently. While his crew works hard to help rebuild the system’s infrastructure, Captain Rourke begins the painstaking task of dealing with the politics of the situation he now finds himself in. Can there really be a future for the people he is now committed to protecting when so many come from different walks of life? Can those who oversaw the oppressed be convinced to share what they have with those that rebelled against them? Nevertheless, none of this will count if the crew cannot mount a decent defence of the system to prevent the remnants of the Romulan Star Empire from retaking Agarath. 

Task Force 17

USS Ahwahnee

Therran and J’Iral, two Tal Shiar agents of the Romulan Free State, meet at their safe house on Foshir III to receive an encrypted message. The subspace frequency they are using is quickly jammed by Star Empire counterintelligence. Ahwahnee intercepts the signal from Federation space and, with the help of Listening Post Echo IV-Alpha, boosts its power to cut through the jamming signal.

USS Dvorak

Aboard the Daradax, Lieutenant Annikafore Szerdar inventories the remaining supplies for distribution to Kuhnri III. Later, in underground refinery 27C, Dolan and Lieutenant Kellin Rayco begin teaching hydroponic farming techniques to the local Remans. 

Task Force 47

USS Saratoga

Saratoga arrives at Rhijun and the colony’s leader, Javik, comes aboard to brief Captain Dex on the situation, including the expected arrival of a Valdore-class warbird in a day’s time. The crew begins to handle multiple issues simultaneously in separate teams. T’Prel and her team take Oneida planetside to help with infrastructure concerns around the refineries and mines. Meanwhile, on one of the moons of Rhijun, Jheria and crew discover abandoned refineries and buildings perfect for salvaging and repurposing planetside, as well as a mass grave site of the previous inhabitants. While saddened, the salvage opportunity is just too great to ignore and efforts begin.

USS Temeraire

Temeraire arrives in the Kunhri system on course for Kunhri III. There are some tensions among the bridge crew as they are all anxious about going into the unknown. Lieutenant Rala informs the captain they have finalized the design of the system’s defense and sensor platform network. They send the information off to the USS Neptune as they begin work. With assistance from Kasik, they receive clearance to enter standard orbit over the planet.

USS Thyanis

After being discovered on the SS Ridaere, Lihran tries to find a way to get off of the ship without blowing Starfleet’s cover. He sends a message to the captain of the Thyanis explaining the situation. He then carries out his plan to get himself off this ship safely. One of the officers finds a PADD and confronts Lihran about it. The officer admits he does not wish to be a part of his captain’s schemes and decides to assist Lihran with his plan to escape.

USS Rhyndacus

Ensign Kr’Antren arrives at Devron Fleet Yards only to find out that he has been given command of the USS Rhyndacus, a Raven-class starship. After arriving on board he begins to get the status of the upgrades and how long it would be before they were ready to depart the station.

USS Atlantis

Arriving at Daloon IV, Atlantis plays host to the Magistrate and his daughter, who also happens to be the one running day-to-day affairs and is the mastermind behind the invitation for the Federation to send a representative. While Tanok is determined to keep things as they are, this daughter briefs Tikva on the situation planet. A few hours later Tikva herself finally arrives planetside to meet with the Speaker of the Assembly in preparation for learning just how to moderate a Romulan political debate.

SS Vondem Rose

In orbit, the crew of the Vondem Rose attempt to figure out what is going on and with no answers coming from polite hails, decide to force an answer. While it worked, the answers were less than polite before shots were fired. Forced to retreat, Orelia orders the crew to find something, anything, before turning to their last prisoner aboard the ship for assistance. Meanwhile, the gang gets pinned down by a gang of Remans out for Romulan blood. Buying time for everyone else to escape Sidda discovers just how sharp an edge her engineer put on the swords she’d recently made before she too flees the scene, ultimately being captured by a group of Orions.

USS Daradax

With Kirin away, Thanen is left in charge, overseeing the landing of the Daradax in order to deliver their cargo to the people of Refinfry 27C. Meeting with some of the locals, those not protesting the mere presence of Starfleet at least, the crew and their new acquaintances begin the process of unloading the supplies that Daradax has brought to help them until a proper aid relief convoy can arrive. Meanwhile, Kirin finds herself deeply embroiled in matters between factions of the Orion Syndicate operating on Kunhri III, forced to take distasteful courses of action to safeguard her crew and achieve her objective.

USS Erigone

Erigone has new orders, but that doesn’t mean the crew won’t keep looking into what they have on the SS Pentax, which is looking mighty suspicious. Continuing to their destination however the Erigone runs afoul of the potential killers of the SS Pentax and makes preparations for combat which is fortuitous as a drag-out fight ensues, both ships bloodied and bruised as they go their separate ways. Proceeding to Rogasa Station, Harris meets with the commander, Thasaz, and discovers that the Pentax had indeed gotten around. Deciding to opt for an evacuation of the station instead of attempting to defend it, plans are prepared to leave and cover their tracks.

Task Force 72

USS Horizon

While in the middle of a championship tennis match on the holodeck, Captain Hess is contacted by Task Force Command and ordered to take Horizon to Velux II to mediate talks following a referendum of independence. Reluctant to take the assignment with morale being low following the recent Paulson Nebula crisis, Captain Hess agrees with the promise of time off when the mission is over.

USS Heracles

As Heracles makes its approach to the Velorum sector, a distress call is received from the Proteus System under attack by an Orion slavemaster battleship. Heracles responds by warping into a gas giant, giving them the element of surprise. The Orion ship is quickly dispatched when joined by their liaison General Viktor and Captain Roberts.

USS Xenius

With their recently acquired ship, Cadet Ford and her fiancée joke about its lackluster status while also bickering over Captain Fawkes’ plans to depart for the Velorum sector. Later Cadet Ford, while violating numerous safety protocols and missing a pre-arranged appointment with Lieutenant Sommers, discovers the seriousness of the Velorum sector matter and volunteers to aid in any way possible.

Task Force 86

USS Neptune 

En route to the Kunhri System, Captain Ryder holds a staff meeting where he introduces the ship’s new first officer, Commander Skylar Cloud.  During the meeting, Lieutenant Bolton presents her findings to the crew regarding the strange net that appears to be blocking all sensors. With no real questions from the crew, the Neptune continues cautiously on course, prepping for whatever the Kunhri system has in store for them.

USS Galileo 

After setting course for Ketalos 3, Captain Naris holds her first staff meeting on the Galileo.  During the briefing, it is clear that the Galileo’s unfinished refit will be a problem as Captain Bates explains it will be a miracle if the ship makes it to its designation on time. Seeing the need to energize the crew, Naris gives the crew a pep talk to build their confidence before dismissing them. 

USS Kison 

After receiving her orders, the Kison sets course to rendezvous with the fleet.  With orders to assist in the aftermath of the Romulan Empire’s collapse, her captain sets the tone for the remainder of the mission and preps the crew for their mission.

Task Force 93

USS Sovereign

The Sovereign arrived at the Prelion System and began to head for the station. As they passed a gas giant, they received a not-so-warm welcome when a mining vessel attacked. At first, the mining vessel was not even a threat to Sovereign until it found a way to use its mining laser to create a hole in the Sovereign’s shields and targeted her warp core. In an attempt to disable the mining vessel, it was then destroyed. As Sovereign continues towards the mining station, they leave behind a team to investigate the debris for clues. Did the Sovereign destroy it intentionally? Or is something else going on?