Star Cross #1

Aug 02, 2022
If there is one member of Task Force 72 that I am proud to have under my command, it is Lieutenant Evelyn Sommers. Evelyn has continuously demonstrated exceptional levels of activity within the fleet. If there is a competition open, they are often listed as one of the entrants. Their tales of Captain Charlotte Fawkes and Cadet Rey Ford aboard the USS Xenius are always a pleasure to read. Whenever I see a notification of a new story post from Xenius in Discord, I am frequently jumping at the opportunity to read it.

Over the past several weeks, and since their last promotion, Evelyn Sommers has earned 3 Duty Ribbons for their collaborative writing on Starbase Bravo, and 30 Service Ribbons totaling approximately 7,500 words of solo fiction writing for the aforementioned USS Xenius. Prior to the Sundered Wings event, they earned an Action Medal with a Planet Cluster for a third place win in the 'CLASSIC GAMING – TNG TRIVIA TIME!' competition, and most notably during the Sundered Wings fleet action, they participated in 17 competitions earning 17 Challenge coins. Of those, they placed 1st in the 'Fun With Flags!', 2nd in the 'Space... The Final Frontier!' and 3rd in 'STO: Say What You Want To Sela!' competitions earning themselves a Gold, Silver, and Bronze Star respectively.

Suffice it to say, Evelyn's contributions were key to their own success, but also the success of Task Force 72's second place win in the fleet action. For the above levels of activity, it is with great pleasure that I submit this nomination for Lieutenant Evelyn Sommers to receive the Star Cross! Congratulations!