USS Ulysses: Season 3 Episode 1: The Breaking Point

Reassigned to a specialist diplomatic unit, Ulysses must travel to a recent stomping ground in order to negotiate for the resettlement of nearly three thousand displaced refugees. Meanwhile, personal upheaval threatens to overwhelm a much loved member of the crew...

Mission Description

Two weeks above Trill have seen the crew of the Ulysses acclimatize themselves to their new surroundings, but on the eve of their journey to the Thomar Expanse, the crew receives new orders to report to Task Force 72 of the Fourth Fleet for reassignment. As part of their new duties in the Task Force, the crew of the Ulysses must learn to take a much less hardline approach on matters, and rely on their diplomatic skills to solve future dilemmas. Once such dilemma comes in the face of negotiations on Haess II, home to a civilization who achieved warp drive less than a decade ago. Their planet has space which could be occupied by Reman refugees from the recent turbulent uprising in Romulan space, but an agreement will not come easily.

Meanwhile, personal issues threaten to overwhelm a member of the crew when the command team receive word that a Starfleet officer has been killed aboard a prisoner transport by an escaped convict. A convict who just so happens to be the older brother of Lieutenant Prida…

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4 August 2022

CH3: A tragic end to a promising beginning

USS Ulysses: Season 3 Episode 1: The Breaking Point

Without question, the third vessel she had now served upon in as many months was beyond impressive. Forty-two decks housing everything from an arboretum to the Bridge, engineering to a formidable medical department, and everything in between. Designed for deep space exploration, Starfleet had [...]

25 July 2022

CH2: Problems at Home and Abroad

USS Ulysses: Season 3 Episode 1: The Breaking Point

Overlooking the beautiful cliffs and waterfalls of Bajor’s capital, the Starfleet Command Annex was the headquarters for all of the Starfleet operations on the planet, including Starfleet Tactical. The ornate and ancient building, often the ending point for traditional grand parades during [...]

18 July 2022

CH1: Prison Break

USS Ulysses: Season 3 Episode 1: The Breaking Point

Across the stars, wherever one may find themselves, it is common knowledge that one’s fears can be triggered by real threats or by memories of threats once experienced. Terrans in particular find it challenging to unlearn fears. Thus, when one eventually realises that they are scared, they ask [...]