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Sundered Wings: Week 4 Fiction Update

June 27, 2022

Four weeks of the Fleet Action. Phase 2 is at an end. Two weeks remain, with all of Phase 3‘s opportunities for prizes, glory – and story! As Sundered Wings enters the home stretch, new story developments continue. Starfleet’s efforts in the Velorum Sector have been set back by Klingon incursions – but is there a new ally on the horizon?

Week 4 (Saturday 18th June – Friday 24th June)

Bravo Fleet Headquarters

USS Arcturus

The opportunity for crew and refugees alike to study and admire a passing herd of gormagander is disrupted by the arrival and attack of a Romulan Star Navy strike force. While the Arcturus and her support ships are able to drive them off, the refugee ship Cardinal 1 sustains serious damage, many aboard killed or injured. As Doctor Anjar fights to restore the critically injured Lieutenant Saracyn to full health, Captain Lancaster oversees the evacuation of Cardinal 1 and the Arcturus’s defensive plans with the high risk of another attack.

USS Endeavour

Trying to restore what is left and give the people of the Agarath system a chance to live out their newfound freedoms, the crew of the Endeavour find themselves having to deal with multiple accounts of disruption to their efforts. However, with everyone working hard to turn things around, Captain Rourke prepares for an incoming strike force ready to retake the system back. Not only is he faced with insurmountable odds ahead of him, Rourke finds himself at the end of a backlash from his chief science officer. 

USS Odyssey

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, an away team from the Odyssey visits the Qowat Milat monastery on Vorash. With the monastery a home to many orphaned refugees, Commander Tomaz’s suggestion of deploying holograms to support the relief operation promises to be invaluable, and their help is gratefully received.

Task Force 17

USS Ahwahnee

Romulan Free State forces bombard Foshir III before landing ground troops. Tal Shiar agents J’Iral and Therran succeed in convincing the native Foshirrans to take up arms against the Star Empire regime. The commandant of the Foshir III arathamite mines orders the activation of a quantum singularity to prevent the facility from falling into Free State hands. 

USS Dvorak

Captain Taes negotiates with Kunhri III’s Reman leader, Kecene, for the release of her crew. Taes implores her that the poisoning of the planet’s food supply was the work of Star Empire saboteurs, but Kecene is unconvinced. She demands organic substrates and replicator technology, informing Taes that the gardens constructed by the Dvorak’s crew have been destroyed. Taes makes a last-ditch effort to explain how this would leave Kunhri in an unsustainable position, letting her emotions get the better of her. Finally, Lieutenant Kellin Rayco is released. He shares a hug with Taes and together they beam back to the Dvorak. 

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

Commander Koteb speaks with an Uhlan named Marik that there had been some complications in getting rid of Starfleet’s presence at Daloon. Koteb explains that there will be two other ships joining him within three days’ time to take on the Atlantis. Koteb is informed that to further assist in their plan that they have placed operatives within the repair teams to repair the planetary control system, that can be switched to turn against the Atlantis. Meanwhile, the engineers begin their work on said planetary defense systems to help bring them online within four days’ time. Back on Daloon, Rithe Faler home had exploded after a meeting with other representatives but an unknown individual who left a simple message a moment before.

SS Vondem Rose

Tavol seeks the assistance of a prisoner named T’Rev in hopes of finding a way to circumvent the planetary defenses above the planet Ta’shen. T’Rev finds a weakness that the Vondem Rose could exploit and points that out to Tavol, which in turn he brings his plan to the rest of the senior staff. With their plan in place, they begin to make the needed adjustments to make this plan work and rescue their missing crewmembers. Meanwhile on the planet below Sidda explains their current situation with the others. Once a link to the Vondem Rose is established Sidda is able to talk with her first mate who loosely explains how they will be able to rescue them in a couple of days. For the first time since they arrived on Ta’shen, they are able to get some much-needed rest.

USS Saratoga

Commander Dilucca arrives back on Rhijun’s second moon to finish dismantling the equipment which had already been finished by the time she and her team arrives. They begin the long process of transporting them down section by section. Once finished they head down planetside to assist with the repairs of the refineries that were damaged. Meanwhile, on board the Saratoga, Lieutenant Commander Loian begins her interrogation of the Orion pirates that were captured. While interrogating an Orion prisoner named Tolev, Dazra learns of what their plan was here on Rhijun. He also informs Dazra that the IRW Audax would be arriving any moment, though it is unclear what their plans are at this moment. Upon arrival, Commander Jiras requests a meeting with Captain Azras Dex on board the Saratoga.

USS Daradax

While working in the science lab, Ensign Dawson finds it difficult to focus on her task at hand. Thinking it is nothing but a headache and fatigue, she figures coffee might be in order. However, after running into Ensign Belania, a trip to Sickbay is in order. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Tarken suddenly realizes that her pheromones, against all attempts to suppress them, are beginning to affect some of the crew and orders Lieutenant Th’zalnar and Ensign Mnass to Sickbay, unbeknownst to her the status of Dawson and Belania.

USS Rhyndacus

Lieutenant Kr’Antren and the crew of Rhyndacus work to devise a plan to deliver their supplies. A plan including, but not limited to genetic and holographic manipulation, not only to get past an apparent blockade but escape with as few casualties as possible. However, upon implementation of their plan, Rhyndacus encounters something they had not expected…Klingons. Can Dr. K’gok’Muzi possibly obtain any information that might help them in their situation or will they be forced to face off against the Klingons?

USS Edinburgh

Thasaz comes up with a plan to contact two of the ships to get them on their side, help by some time Commander Ambrose contacts Rexin and surrenders. While causing some confusion, though he rejects and threatens to destroy them a firefight ensures. While receiving heavy damage on board the Edinburgh, they were able to disable the Praetor. Commander Ambrose ad a couple of other crewmembers beam on board to assist with rescue attempts of the two remaining crewmembers. In the end, they were only able to rescue one, while the other was killed in the attempt. Medical teams begin to treat the wounded from the attack as Edinburgh receives new orders and sets course for the Romulan colony of Rivax only to find fifty survivors. They receive orders that they will need to confront Patra directly and are sent to Larakas Colony. Upon arrival, Edinburgh comes under attack by Patra’s ship. Two scout ships were about to carry out their plan on the Larakas colony, but the crew of the ship was able to disable them before they were carried out. They then confront Patra, but things didn’t go as planned and another firefight ensures.

Task Force 72

USS Heracles

Following their brief encounter with a Romulan battlecruiser, Heracles set course and arrived at Starbase 23 to conduct repairs and resupply food and equipment for the people of Proto II. Lieutenant-Commander Neif contacted Captain Vehl and updated her on the status of the mission that left the ship’s commander in hostile territory.

Task Force 86

USS Crazy Horse

The Crazy Horse is on its way to the Velorum Sector with much-needed supplies, however, this is not the only thing it is undertaking: the arrival of a new captain and first officer will certainly be an interesting test and task for the crew of the Excelsior-class ship. 

Task Force 93

USS Sitacus

Commander Matt Kirby is now on his way with his crew on board his Raven-class ship as it heads to the Velroum Sector to provide help. Excited to be leading his new crew, the new skipper establishes a strong relationship with his new right-hand man to ensure their crew is ready for what awaits them ahead.