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Sundered Wings: Week 1 Fiction Update

June 6, 2022

As is the wont of the Lore Office, when a campaign comes about in Bravo Fleet, we pay close attention to the writing everyone’s doing! That’s not the priority of the Fleet Action – keep on submitting to those competitions, you have one week left for the first phase! – but it’s important. Your stories and your ship’s adventures are weaved into Fleet Canon, shaping just how a major event in fleet history looks.

As it’s impossible for everyone to keep up with everything going on everywhere, the LO (with assistance from TF Staff) provides weekly updates, summarising the events of every story that’s part of Sundered Wings! Please bear in mind these updates span Saturday to Friday. No, the TF staff haven’t neglected you if something you wrote over the weekend hasn’t made it in! So without further ado…

Week 1 (Saturday 28th May – Friday 3rd June)

Bravo Fleet Headquarters

USS Arcturus

Arcturus has seen major changes in past months, both in personnel and ship modifications. But the comfort of this new routine is interrupted by the Romulan crisis, with the ship assigned to escort a refugee convoy into Federation space. While a seemingly simple task, Lieutenant Galan, a former resident of Vashti, is candid in his warning to Captain Lancaster: don’t let history repeat itself.

USS Challenger

As Captain Forrester reels from reassignments in his senior staff, the Challenger is ordered to Vinex II to help the government decide whether to support Resak and the independent Velorum Sector. These trials promise to be personal, with familiar faces among both the new staff and on the enemy side with Challenger’s old foe Commander Oreth raising his head…

USS Endeavour

Endeavour is dispatched to the Agarath system, an industrial heartland of the Velorum Sector. There they defend against an assault by the Romulan Star Navy, but soon learn a larger strike force is on its way. Their mission: to not only repel this attack, but navigate Agarath’s politics along the way.

USS Odyssey

The Odyssey is sent to the Vorash system. But more than committing to lending aid, the crew are returning to familiar ground, having helped a convoy of refugees settle there a decade and a half earlier. The crew reflects on the challenges of the past, while making ready to face new obstacles: a settlement so shrouded in atmospheric conditions that Captain McCallister has no choice but to land Odyssey, and see what awaits them.

USS Yorktown

After a year in deep space, the Yorktown returns to familiar territory—only to find it unfamiliar, thanks to Romulan colony requesting their assistance against Star Navy forces seeking to annex them by force. But before Captain Jerok can be enlightened by Starfleet Command of the crisis engulfing the Star Empire, a massive imperial ship decloaks off the Yorktown’s bow, guaranteeing a confrontation.


Task Force 17

USS Ahwahnee

Tyrothan, an enslaved Reman miner consigned to the arathamite ore mines of Foshir III, is summoned before the Labour Inquiry Board of the planet’s regime. A colony of the Romulan Star Empire, the board chairman is concerned about whether any of the miners have heard rumours of Romulan Free State activity on the planet. Tyrothan denies knowledge of the Free State. Later that night, in the depths of the mines, the Remans telepathically share news of the Free State’s advance.

USS Dvorak

The USS Dvorak is dispatched as part of a Starfleet task force to Kunhri III in the outer rim of the Velorum Sector. The planet, strip-mined and possessing no agriculture of its own, was dependent on food shipments from the wider Romulan Star Empire that have ceased in the political chaos that now consumes the sector. The Dvorak is charged with leading the relief effort, with other ships in the task force responsible for strategic concerns. Upon their arrival, Captain Taes meets with Kecene, the planet’s Consul of Vitality. She faces some resistance from Kecene over the Dvorak crew’s plan to construct hydroponic gardens as an interim measure to secure a food source. Kecene expresses doubts over whether the schools for the colony’s children might simply be used for indoctrination, but tentatively agrees to the construction of more gardens. Lieutenant Sootrah Yuulik expresses her dismay at the magnitude of the task ahead after beaming down with a science team.

USS Elysion

Barash, a Lieutenant in the Romulan Star Navy, dines together with Naval Academy Commandant Tesah. Barah laments the early completion of training for the current class of students, noting that they will soon be sent to aid the fight against Resak’s uprising. Tesah protests, noting that the students are not yet ready. Barash ignores Tesah, imploring him that the deaths of his students will be in service to the Empire. In response, Tesah slits the Lieutenant’s throat. 


Task Force 47

USS Saratoga

With Saratoga docked at Starbase Bravo, her crew learns of the developing situation within the Romulan Star Empire. After receiving orders to assist with humanitarian aid and the protection of civilians in the Velorum Sector, Saratoga departs for Rhijun. The ship receives supplies and quickly departs the station. The crew prepares for any eventuality they might come across from tactical preparedness all the way to medical. Some much-needed time to unwind and relax is had by all before they are due to arrive and things get hectic.

USS Temeraire

The crew enjoys a much-needed movie night before two guests arrive on board Temeraire to give Captain sh’Elas a run down of the current situation within the Romulan Star Empire and new orders for ship and crew. En route to Starbase 23 before heading into Romulan space, the senior staff learn through their research and FNS reports that the people in the Kunhri system may be less eager for Federation assistance than they first thought.

USS Thyanis

Upon receipt of his orders to assist the Velorum sector block, Thevius enlists the aid of his friend, Lihran, from Starbase Bravo before setting course for Starbase 23. Upon arrival, Lihran is able to increase the Thyanis’s stealth capabilities to improve their chances of surviving in a chaotic area. Once in Romulan space, they detect a cloaked warbird. Lihran is sent aboard to retrieve vital intelligence. In the process, he encounters his ex-husband: the captain of the ship.

USS Atlantis

With weeks of shakedown under their belt and more to go, the crew of Atlantis receive their mission orders to proceed towards the RSE at full speed. Though both captain and crew hoped for more time to prepare, Atlantis is too important an asset to leave on the sidelines. The hope was that a Sovereign-class starship would by presence alone instill some stability. On Daloon, political machinations are afoot as the Magistrate and his daughter discuss the developing situation there and the many paths forward they have—if only they had the time. As Atlantis races towards Daloon, some of the crew take time to enjoy a holodeck program they’ve discovered, secretly surveiled by the bridge crew who take delight in making things more interesting.

USS Daradax

The crew of Daradax settle in and get ready for an extended survey in the Fero Psi sector when news arrives of events in the Empire. Kirin informs the crew of their redirect to Starbase 23 to pick up supplies and receive final orders. After recording a personal log to express her concerns and worry for her own personal mission, Kirin also records a message for her mother as the ship races towards the future. After a final briefing with the captains of a handful of other ships, Daradax joins a small flotilla of ships that cross the border, bound for a singular task.

USS Erigone

The crew of Erigone have received the same news as the majority of the Federation and the subsequent orders that have gone to the Fourth Fleet. They collect their new operations officer and a team of engineers from Starbase 4 for the upcoming missionen route to the Velorum Sector. With the new arrivals Captain Harris finally closes some outstanding business—naming the ECH. Entering Romulan territory they respond to a distress call from the SS Pentax, an old civilian starship that has come into Romulan possession. Seemingly attacked by Romulans and with no survivors detected, a team is dispatched to investigate the vessel. During their search however they find a single survivor, injuries putting him at death’s door, but with even will confirm the crew’s suspicion that Romulans did attack the ship—but which group? 

SS Vondem Rose

Arriving at the resort world of Ta’shen to engage in some legitimate business with an Imperial merchant lord, Sidda is forced to make her way planetside via shuttle after Vondem Rose is denied permission to enter orbit. Taking a crack team of specialists with her planetside, the plan is to meet the contact, get the info, and leave as quickly as possible without causing a scene. Plans however are disrupted when an unexpected large-scale explosion rocks the spaceport; comms off world are jammed and fighting breaks out in the city of T’ma’ru. The objective remains the same but the execution reverts to what the crew of the Vondem Rose does best—chaos.

USS Adventure

The Adventure picks up a mission specialist at Starbase 47 before departing for the Velorum Sector. 


Task Force 72

USS Heracles

Believing she and her crew would have a brief respite after their last mission, Captain Vax is contacted by Task Force Command and ordered to take Heracles to the Velorum Sector in Romulan space where they will assist in the defense of several mining colonies from unknown attackers. Who are they and why are they attacking?


Task Force 86

USS Neptune

Currently docked at Starbase 43, Neptune was in the middle of a resupply when she was ordered to the Kunhri System for humanitarian aid. Joined by Temeraire and Dvorak, she has been charged with securing the Kunhri system.  The ship and crew were put on alert after the astrometrics officer, Lieutenant Bolton, took notice of strange readings from the Kunhri Sector.

USS Galileo

Understaffed and lacking equipment, Galileo is ordered to the mining colony Ketalos 3 in the Velorum Sector. With the current status of the Romulan Star Empire in chaos, the colony has fallen prey to increased attacks from local pirates. Galileo has been charged with providing protection and assisting the colony with its outdated defensive systems.


Task Force 93

USS Sovereign

Sovereign has received her new orders and is now en route to one of the largest mining installations in the Velorum Sector, while reports of malfunctions and system failures are starting to mount onboard. If the provisional government loses even one of its mining operations to generate the critical resources they need, it could jeopardize everything. It is imperative that the crew of Sovereign figure out what is going on. Is the station that old and is undergoing serious degradation? Or perhaps something else is going on?

SS Veridian Expanse

Veridian Expanse is currently awaiting instructions on what to do with their cargo of industrial replicators. The planet they received the cargo from just underwent a military coup and so did the destination of where the cargo is supposed to go. What’s worse, they have an admiral demanding those industrial replicators be delivered to a warbird. Playing the bureaucratic card, the crew has managed to stall. What’s more, the destination is now offering to pay extra. Who will win the bureaucratic race and get the industrial replicators?