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Vesta-class • NCC-83722 • Task Force 86


In most cases a Capital ship means the crew is the best of the best with the Neptune that can be questioned. The crew though very skilled at times clash and with the Captain’s steamy love triangle there is always drama somewhere. The Neptune has been tested from the moment the crew stepped on it. The Neptune being a multi-purpose vessel helps with the flexibility of the Neptune. The Vesta class boast some of the best abilities, but even unknown threats can play a factor.

The Neptune also has an enemy that will do anything to stop the crew from its mission. Michelle Oliver with her accomplices and immense organization is a threat that looms over the Neptune. Oliver has plans and if those plans are successful it will be the end of the Neptune.

Strap in for the long haul because many adventures await on the USS Neptune!



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7 November 2022

C1 Yet Another Mission With Unknown Elements

USS Neptune: Into The Eyes of Madness

Michael had just gotten out of a meeting with the Admiralty and the mission ahead was like nothing he had ever experienced, even with his many years of missions. In the back of his mind he felt something about this would cause huge problems for his crew. The task of going to the Delta Quadrant [...]

26 August 2022

Never Tell Me The Odds

USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

Blade arrived at the surface of the planet and silently cursed under his breath. The Captain had said it was supposed to be a forest planet…this was not a forest planet. It was hot and miserable. He decided to look through his gear. The gear he had was not the gear he had packed ‘What is this [...]

25 August 2022

News That Was Thought To Never Come

USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

Michael had been given some leave from Jupiter Station and had taken the opportunity to go to earth. He needed to check on some family matters, but also to meet an old friend. The plan was to meet at the Quantum Cafe and that was precisely where Michael sat waiting. The smells of fresh food through [...]

9 July 2022

Chapter 4: The Enemy That You Thought You Knew

USS Neptune: Fear The Darkness

Teral sat in silence on the bridge watching the scenes that unfolded in front of her. She had been hiding in the system observing per her superiors, but she had her own reasoning for it, though they didn’t need to know that.   She watched in glee as so many Federation ships began to [...]