USS Neptune (NCC-83722)

The Neptune is the only current Vesta Class in service. Her missions can range from long range exploration to humanitarian aide. The ship is new and ready for action under the command of Captain Michael Ryder the Neptune ventures into the unknown.


Vesta-class • NCC-83722 • Task Force 17

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5 January 2022

Learning More

USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

Mary had not been able to shake meeting her father out of her head, in fact she had been so excited to meet him that sleep had eluded her for weeks. She realized that she needed to sleep and was attempting to do just that, but it never worked, as every time she shut her eyes she thought of her [...]

22 December 2021

Old Flames Part 2

USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

(USS Neptune) (Ryders Personal Quarters, 20:00) Michael had tried to fall asleep early, but he was tossing and turning as the sweat rolled down his face. He had been thinking about what had happened a few weeks prior with Felicity. Even after what happened everynight she was on his mind. He [...]

10 December 2021

Out Of Tragedy Rises The Neptune

USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

(USS Tesla) (Ryders Personal Quarters, 18:00) (Starbase Bravo) Michael was exhausted because the last mission had been taxing and he wasn’t sure if they would get the Tesla back to the Starbase. The last mission destroyed the ship’s integrity and now it was going to take months before the [...]

19 November 2021

Brace For Impact

USS Neptune: The Invisible Web

Sirens continued to blare on the bridge of the Tesla as the ship lay stranded above the now seemingly dormant planet. “What the hell?” Riru seemed to voice what everyone on the bridge was thinking. She began scrolling through an endless list of alarms and readings, attempting to [...]