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Profile Overview

Kula, Jovi

Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kula


Medical Officer
USS Tesla (Archive)


Jovi is a skilled medical professional who can also handle herself well in a firefight. She can perform complex medical procedures on writhing patients without a break in stride. She has learned to remain calm and do what is necessary despite the screams of pained patients, which at times may make her come across as somewhat callous, but in truth, she has simply learned that the best way to help someone in pain is to repair the body, not comfort the feelings. A formidable opponent in the ring with skills in many styles of fighting, she chose to pursue medicine to have a greater understanding of the physical form, believing that a person should not injure someone unless they understand the depth of the harm they are causing.


Jovi’s appearance can often come as a shock to those who visit the medical bay, as she does not fit the general profile of a doctor. But despite her blonde dreadlocks and numerous tattoos and piercings, she bears herself with the dignity of her profession. She speaks with a thick accent, common to some areas of Bajor that sounds similar to an earthly Australian accent.


Jovi is an easy-going person with a laid-back attitude and provides a calming presence in the tensest of situations. She is capable of remaining level-headed throughout difficult scenarios, and it is rare to see her display intense emotion. She has a snarky sense of humor which often comes out in the form of playful teasing. She bears an air of humility, not often talking about her past or bragging about her accomplishments. Jovi is a great listener and very intuitive, picking up a lot of little-known facts through careful observation. A quote that would best define her personality is, “Listen, am I the most attractive girl out there? Of course not. Do I have a good personality? No. But do I wake up every day and try to be the best person I can be. Also no… I forget where I was going with this.”


Jovi grew up on Bajor in a fairly common family setting. Her family would have been considered middle class, with her father being a lower-level prylar in the temple of the prophets, and her mother working as a clerk in a local shop. At a young age, Jovi’s parents split, with her father leaving his family in order to delve more deeply into his religious studies, retreating to an ancient tabernacle in the mountains where he remained in solitude for years. Jovi’s mother was at first supportive of her husband’s journey for a deeper understanding of the prophet’s words, but when years passed and her father did not return, her mother grew less enamored by his decision to pursue a path of enlightenment.

Barely able to get by on the meager earnings from working as a clerk at the shop, Jovi’s mother was forced to pick up a second job to make ends meet. Having parents that were gone more often than they were home, Jovi and her siblings grew very close. As the oldest, Jovi looked after her younger brother and sister, dragging them from their beds in the mornings to make them get dressed so they could all walk to school together. Jovi’s younger sister excelled in the culinary arts and was the one who normally prepared the meals, while her little brother learned to keep things up around the house, performing small fixes when things needed to be repaired. Jovi managed a lot of the finances, walking to the grocery store when they needed supplies and ensuring the bills were paid to keep the amenities running at the house.

Jovi was not interested in medicine at first. Possessing a deep resentment towards her father which she attempted to keep hidden, she hoped to find a release for her smoldering anger in pursuit of martial arts and other forms of combat. At the age of eleven, she began to train in any form of martial arts that someone would teach her. She was a willing student with a hunger for knowledge and quickly began to develop serious skills while training under several different instructors. By the age of fifteen, she was a skilled warrior, able to take on opponents much larger than her size. Other hobbies she enjoyed included shooting a bow, throwing knives, and skateboarding.

When her younger sister and brother grew up and left the house to begin their own careers, Jovi determined to pursue her education further. She first entered into the study of strategy and battle tactics with a desire to someday join the Bajoran Militia and gain recognition as a great tactician, but partway through her schooling Jovi began to question her motives. Jovi spent a year on a soul-searching sabbatical where she sought to dissect the driving force behind her intentions in order to gain a better understanding of herself.

Once she realized that many of her goals were fueled by how she wished to be perceived by others, largely stemming from the rejection she felt at the departure of her father, Jovi determined to change her future. Rather than allow the opinions and actions of others to steer her path in life, she searched deep within herself to discover the person she truly sought to be. Realizing that harming others in an attempt to feed her own need for self-validation was the wrong way to approach things, Jovi made the decision to switch directions.

Returning to school, this time to study medicine, Jovi recommitted to her studies with a newfound passion that came from a deeper understanding of what drove her desires without being influenced by the views of others. She attacked her studies with a no-nonsense type of attitude, determined to succeed in her freshly clarified goals. She was somewhat unorthodox in her bedside manners, having come from a different background than most students in the medical profession. Yet due to her experience in combat, she remained unphased by broken bones and was not squeamish at the sight of blood. Jovi proved her ability to handle herself well in stressful situations where swift and decisive medical attention was required.

Jovi was recruited into the Bajoran militia as a military doctor but was unable to align her morals with the Bajoran’s incessant need to exact revenge on their age-old enemies, the Cardassians. Jovi began to seek a place where her skills in the medical field would be appreciated, but where her ideas of not harming others unless necessary would be respected. Jovi found the perfect fit in Starfleet, an organization known for its desire to explore in the pursuit of knowledge without exacting injury to those they encountered. She was accepted into Starfleet based on her medical knowledge and combat-proven experience, being assigned to the Tesla as her first position in Starfleet.

Jovi’s father finally returned years later, but by that time his children had grown and moved on. Jovi still has a difficult time when her father attempts to contact her, but she is attempting to work through it to gain a better relationship with him. However, her mother will always be the hero of her childhood, and an inspiration to work hard and never forsake the ones you love. Jovi’s mother is the primary being that helped to keep her grounded and find a sense of inner peace despite the tumultuous feelings of her childhood.