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Profile Overview

Riyo Yim

Trill Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Chief Petty Officer Yim


USS Neptune


Riyo is a bold individual and is not scared to show it. He loves a challenge when it comes to his job. Riyo loves what he does and will try to help out anyone in any way he can.


Riyo was born on Trillius Prime to Kidor and Diru Drois. He remembers little to nothing about his parents because they died when he was still young. His parents had told his uncle Jixi that in the eventuality of their passing that they would like him to care for and nurture Riyo into something that the family would remember for generations. Riyo had no idea of this, but he thought of his uncle like his dad since he raised him.

His uncle was part of the Trill Commission, because of this, his uncle urged him to work towards being an initiate. However, Riyo had no idea of the promise Jixi had made to his parents. Riyo worked hard heading towards being joined, however, in the process he came to find a love for quartermaster and inventory that he didn’t know he had. His family was part of the Federation and had kept it a secret from him. He decided that he would continue his families contribution in the Federation in the best way he knew he could. He made a deal with his uncle that if he was joined his uncle had to let him enroll in Starfleet so that he could continue to make his family proud. To his surprise, his uncle loved the idea and continued to help him learn what he could before his initiation was completed. This further influenced Riyo in his decision to join Starfleet.

Riyo was accepted as an initiate and began the long and arduous process. His Field Docent was not an easy Trill to get along with. They pushed him to every breaking point they could, however, Riyo knew that it was part of the test so he pushed through and continued to go above and beyond in every situation he was put through. When he had finished he was worried he had not passed the results took longer than expected, but to his surprise, he had been accepted and was soon given the Yim symbiont. He was also made a Field Docent for his exceptional evaluation. One of the youngest ever commissioned.

Riyo studied hard for the Entrance Exam. When he felt he was ready for the exam he contacted the Federation Embassy about when the next test would be. He found out the test would be the next week. He began to get nervous as the date drew closer, but he continued to study. The day of the test came and the exam began though most parts he had expected the psych test was beyond what he expected, however, at a young age he had learned to overcome his fear. He passed the test with one of the highest scores recorded on Trill, but he knew being prideful was one of the worst things to be. He humbly took the news and though excited did not brag about his achievements.

He was enrolled in the Academy the following year and began the process to become an enlisted member, as he did not want to be an officer. Riyo was assigned to Earth Spacedock where he worked as assistant quartermaster for many years working his way up the ranks after five years, Riyo had extra experience due to his host and was excited to become a quartermaster for a ship one day. In the five-year period, he learned the job and learned it well. He was promoted to the Quartermaster of the spacedock and promoted to Petty Officer Third Class due to his outstanding work.

Riyo was offered a position on the USS Tesla as Chief Quartermaster five years later, which earned him Chief Petty Officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 Assistant Earth Spacedock
2389 - 2392 Quartermaster Secratary Earth Spacedock
Petty Officer 3rd Class
2692 - 2394 Quatermasters Assistant Earth Spacedock
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2395 - 2399 Quartermaster Earth Spacedock
Petty Officer 1st Class
2399 - Present Quartermaster USS Tesla
Chief Petty Officer