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Profile Overview

Hallih Sahal

Dokkaran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Midshipman Sahal


Stellar Cartographer Specialist
USS Neptune


Hallih’s many years of service to Starfleet is a testament to her species which she is proud to represent. Her years of different tasks make her invaluable to whomever ship she is a part of. Hallih is not human, but her time with humans taught her the ways and mannerisms of humans. She is a pleasant person to have in a hard situation and a friend like no other. Her sleep schedule is not like any human, but that does not stop her from always progressing to do the best she can. Though Hallih is older the makeup of her species DNA makes her look in her mid 20’s, just don’t let it fool you she is a veteran. Hallih now serves as the Chief of the Boat on the USS Neptune.


Halllih Sahal had always wanted a higher knowledge of the galaxy, something she couldn’t do on the planet alone. Through her time of being on the planet. She had heard about the past regarding the few who had traveled to Starfleet to become officers. She decided she would talk to the Lady regarding her aspirations after a compelling talk and justification the Lady decided to grant the request. She was highly impressed with the knowledge she could learn and wanted to aspire to do better things while gaining more knowledge of what the Universe held.

After some research of the past members of her race, she knew she needed to get a letter of recommendation from a Station Commander. She went to the nearest station and upon arrival, she got a job as a civilian data management assistant after some brief training and proving of her skills. Her job was to make sure the scientists had all their data in order. The job was a tall order, especially with some very unorganized scientists. She struggled with the job for a while and it took time to get accustomed to, but she worked hard and began to make an impression. 

The study of astrophysics had always intrigued her and she began to learn more as a data assistant. She worked harder than most of the team and half the time only stopped working for her mandatory sleeping. She proved her worth and began getting more responsibility including small projects to add to the data gathered by the scientist. Each day proved more challenging than the last, but she continued to do her best. The work was different and no amount of her research had prepared her for just what she would do each day. The work varied, but she adapted and learned to do all she could. Projects were sometimes long and drawn out, but in this time she taught herself patience and perseverance. After a year of hard work, she was noticed by the Chief Science Officer who asked her if she would want to be part of Starfleet. She thought about the prospect for a while before telling the CSO she was interested to do so. She got a reply a few months later to go to the Starbase Commander. After a small meeting and questions of her knowledge, the process began. The process took longer than she ever expected, but after a lot of hard work, tests, situational exams, and hours she finally had passed the suitability for the training program.  She was ecstatic at the prospect and her time on the station had yielded friendships she hoped would last forever. She had been through a lot on the station, but she wouldn’t have changed it for anything. 

The enlisted training program was tough. Her physiology made her sleep cycle different compared to the others there. Her instructors worked with the schedule, but the other classmates seemed to be better than her. She continued pushing on, eventually impressing her classmates. She decided from her entrance to work in astrophysics as she had begun to learn on the station. The time at the Academy was grueling and she thought of giving up a few times. Not many of her species had ever made it this far. After realizing just how far she had made it she continued on. She learned her strong points and her not-so-strong points. She realized she was great at cartography, but when it came to the Engineering of a ship she realized she was in trouble. Her skills and knowledge from the past helped some, but if she ever had a situation where she would be in engineering alone it could pose issues. She wasn’t a shy person by any means, but she was so different she didn’t know if she fit in. She struggled to make friends at first due to her own insecurities, but after some time she made friends and those friends had helped her through some of the toughest times in the Academy. 

After her passing of the Academy, she went back to her home planet because of her unique physiology. She needed to go home to heal of any sickness and though she was careful to keep herself safe. She still had to go home to regenerate. 

After which she was sent to her first official assignment as Starfleet personnel.  She was asked to be a part of the team to monitor the Argus Array, a huge undertaking and one that excited her. She worked from 2367-2372. On her first tour of duty she was promoted to Crewman 1st Class after her reenlistment she became a Petty Officer 3rd Class with the title of Specialist Stellar Cartographer. She continued monitoring the array for two more years mapping multiple phenomena and learning more knowledge about the Alpha Quadrant. 

In 2374 she asked to join the Pathfinder Project to help with the effort to recover a lost Federation vessel. After approval was given she was stationed at the Communications Research Center in San Francisco Her time in the project was trying to map the information sent back from the Delta Quadrant in multiple sections. It was from this the array built helped plot where to try and contact the vessel. She continued working trying to yield the results needed. In 2378 after years of research and charting the Delta Quadrant the Pathfinder team finally had successful video communication with the vessel. After her hard work, she had helped to make such a difference. 

She was promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class and assigned to Bravo Fleet to help with the plotting of new charts regarding deep space. She was unsure as to the reasoning behind it, but worked to chart the small amount of information Starfleet had on the region. It seemed to be a dangerous, but interesting place. In the next four years, she had been assigned to a deep space science vessel whose job was to learn about deep space and its secrets. Rumors had circulated that a new ship was being commissioned for deep space. After the time of researching and mapping the small amount of the expanse, she realized she wanted to learn more about this region. 

In 2382 a new ship was commissioned, the USS Retribution. Sahal put in to become a part of the crew and was accepted upon her new assignment she was promoted to Chief Petty Officer. She wasn’t sure where this adventure was going to take her, but she was excited nonetheless. She was put in the stellar cartography room as one of the main post workers. Her reputation of helping to map deep space before the ship had proceeded her and she seemed to fit right in on the ship. Unfortunately, the ship did not traverse deep space but instead continued to help bravo fleet. After a few years of service, she was decommissioned and Sahal was placed back on Jupiter station where she began to pick up where she had left off not only mapping the deep space, but also other regions that Starfleet had requested be researched. 

In 2391 the Retribution was recommissioned and Sahal was asked to join the ship by this time she had been promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer. She was the most senior enlisted on the Retribution, but she continued to happily do the job she had been sent to do. She was excited to finally be going into deep space after years of research and anticipation, and the newly appointed USS Aurelius made its way into deep space. The discoveries that were made were beyond anything she had ever imagined. Ancient civilizations, deserted starbases, an area that affected the ship so badly it was only allowed in for a small period of time. Each morning she woke up and went to take a nap as deep space continued to fascinate her. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months before she knew it the ship had been through two different Captains and a third had arrived. 

In 2395 she was promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer after many years of dedication to Starfleet. Her planet was proud of it that she knew. The lady wanted someone there and though she wasn’t an officer she had made a mark on the people she had met, each one unique and different. What came next she never expected. She was pulled into the office of Captain, Michael Ryder. Ryder praised her for her time and work in deep space and her whole career. He then extended the offer for her to learn the command structure and eventually be the go-between for Enlisted and Officers. 

She had never dreamed of such an opportunity. She took some time to think about what he was offering her. After some time she returned and accepted his offer. She was taught more about the ship than she imagined and even learned some engineering so she felt more comfortable in her job. She still worked cartography during this time while training for command. She had finished her training and made the position Chief of Boat. As the ship prepared for its full maiden voyage. 

She started her new duties and began to be the go-between for the crew. Though she was newer to the position, the crew of the Tesla knew her and respected her. The transition was easier than she had expected. She was now in a position she had never thought would be open to her. Now came the exciting future as a Command staff member. Though she held the position on the Tesla for a small amount of time her excitement grew when the crew transitioned to the bigger and better USS Neptune.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2356 - 2357 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2357 - 2358 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2358 - 2359 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2359 - 2360 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2361 - 2367 Temporarily Relocated Home Due To Species Regeneration Ceata
2367 - 2369 Argus Array Specialist Argus Array
Crewman Apprentice
2369 - 2374 Stellar Cartographer Specialist Argus Array
Petty Officer 3rd Class
2374 - 2376 Pathfinder Project Communications Research Center in San Francisco
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2379 - 2382 Stellar Cartographer Specialist USS Heracles
Petty Officer 1st Class
2382 - 2384 Stellar Cartographer Specialist USS Retribution
Chief Petty Officer
2384 - 2391 Stellar Cartographer Specialist Jupiter Station
Chief Petty Officer
2391 - 2392 Stellar Cartographer Specialist USS Retribution
Senior Chief Petty Officer
2392 - 2395 Stellar Cartographer Specialist USS Aurelius
Senior Chief Petty Officer
2395 - 2399 Contractor Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Master Chief Petty Officer
2399 - 2400 Security Patrol Lead USS Tesla
Master Chief Petty Officer
2400 - Present Lead Stellar Cartographer Specialist USS Neptune