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Profile Overview

Dr Sanera Rion

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Dr Rion


Nanotech and Artificial Intelligence Specialist Contracted to the USS Tesla
USS Neptune


Dr Sanera Rion is a Nanotech and Artificial Intelligence Specialist. She is mischievous, but serious all in one. She is known for her striking beauty and sharp demeanor.



Sanera was raised on Alpha Centauri IV and worked on her career from a young age. She was always intrigued by Nanotechnology and AI. She began working with both at a very young age. Her first AI could run the greenhouse in her family home. She came from a wealthy part of society, but she always was an advocate to help the poor. She began college earlier than most and worked her way towards her goals, but in that time she began talking to her mom and decided she wanted to work towards joining the Daystrom Institute of Technology.

In college, she created her pride and joy Aurora the AI that ran her family’s house even down to the door locks. She also worked to upgrade the engineering of her city. Her nanotechnology skills were only starting because of the teachings of her mother. She and her mother were asked to implement nanotechnology to improve water supply as well as the building infrastructure she found a way to bond with materials to make the structure more sound against attacks and sabotage.

In her time in college, she had issues with a professor due to her father being in the government. The professor was very anti-government and because of it, she struggled through the class. She worked hard and yet only barely passed the class making her almost fail the requirements for the Masters. She was driven to pass because she wanted to prove that even someone with popular parents could make a living without their money.

She got her degree in AI. She graduated with a master’s in Artificial Intelligence at 23 and decided to join the Daystrom Institute. She was accepted and became a research assistant in AI and began the four-year degree for her Doctorate in Nanotechnology while at the Institute. She struggled with working and her degree thinking of giving up, but she was encouraged by the Doctor she was under Deanna Strix. Dr Strix helped her realize what to do to balance the two. Sanera recognized without her she would’ve never made it. She was smart, but the doctorate really made her test her knowledge. She thought it was going to be easy and it was harder than anything she ever did.

She realized she wasn’t perfect and knew she made mistakes, but what better way to learn than making mistakes. All because of Dr Strix she knew her career was a challenging one.

Sadly Strix didn’t see her graduate due to an unknown illness that struck her. Sanera dedicated her Doctorate ceremony to Strix and acknowledged she wouldn’t have gotten there without her.

She was one of the few that wanted to join Starfleet as a civilian contractor and was given the opportunity to join the USS Tesla due to her extended science missions.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2390 Graduated As Valedictorian Centauri District School
2390 - 2393 Graduated First Class Honors With Bachelors Degree Sudox University
2393 - 2395 Graduated with Masters and Distinction in Artificial Intelligence Sudox University
2395 - 2399 Graduated With Doctorate in Nanotechnology Daystrom Instutute