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Riru Sareth

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Sareth


Chief Engineering Officer
USS Neptune


Small of stature but with a fiery nature to make up for it Riru Sareth is a force to be reckoned with. With a sharp tongue and a quick wit, she can come off as cocky and can be demeaning to some who she considered beneath her intelligence level, but she is unrivaled when it comes to solving engineering and her confidence in herself is well deserved.



Riru is a little below average height and slight of build. Her facial features are as sharp as her tongue, and her dark brown eyes shoot sparks of fire when she is angry. Some say that her looks can kill, and they’re not referring to her outward appearance but to the scathing glances she will throw if she deems someone to be ignorant or foolish.


Many who encounter Riru do not enjoy her company, a fact which she is perfectly content with. She can be malicious in her criticism of others, and never fails to bring what she views as a person’s shortcoming to light. She has no filter regardless of rank or position, and you must possess tough skin in order to bear the brunt of her personality. Yet if you get to know her, you will find that she is fiercely loyal to her friends and can be rather gentle with those she truly comes to care about. A quote that would best define her personality is, “It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste.”


Riru grew up as the only child of a single father. When her mother died of leukemia while Riru was still just a baby, her father then poured all his affections onto the little girl, doting on her with loving care that bordered on spoiling. If not for the strict tutoring of some harsh governesses, Riru may have grown to be quite the handful, but with a string of good instructors, they were able to keep her in line. Riru was taught everything from horseback riding and martial arts, to music and art, to science and math. A natural athlete with an eye for art, she excelled in most of her subjects, but when it came to mechanics and engineering she truly began to shine.

At the age of nine, her father caught her in his garage, surrounded by the parts of one of the antique motorcycles in his collection. Next, she was taking apart the engines in his vintage cars to learn the inner workings of the old machines that had pioneered the technology of today. By the time she was twelve, she could disassemble and reassemble a hoverbike engine, and by fifteen she was pulling parts from other machines in order to upgrade her father’s hovercar.

As a teenager, Riru fell in with a few questionable friends and developed a rebellious streak. Borrowing her father’s hover crafts and leaving the house for days without contact, she would go on week-long benders with her new friends, consuming copious amounts of alcohol and inciting various riotous episodes which her father had to use his influence to bail her out of. Running around with her new tribe, she developed a penchant for drinking too much and picking fights with much larger opponents.

She finally pushed her father to the breaking point, where he determined to send his perfect little angel to a military academy in order to bring some structure to her ever-growing turbulent behavior. Due to his connections with several Starfleet command-level officers, he was able to secure her sponsorship to be enrolled in Starfleet at the age of sixteen. Even the instructors at the academy found her difficult to manage, and she broke one officer’s nose during her first week.

However, with a strict regimen of Starfleet classes and numerous distractions such as the shooting range, combat gym, and a state-of-the-art lab with built to scale warp core model, Riru soon settled into her new role as a student of Starfleet. Engineering became her focus of study and her passion. With a strong sense of pride and a desire to be the best, she worked hard to excel in her classes. Riru kept her sharp tongue and scrappy attitude throughout her time in the academy, but despite her coarse conduct, she was unmatched at troubleshooting even the most complex of engineering issues.

The moment she graduated from Starfleet, she entered into an engineering position aboard a Starfleet vessel but found herself having a hard time settling down on any one ship. She clashed with several crew members who found her spoiled and snarky bearing to be abrasive. Since then she has learned to marginally quell her attitude of superiority. However, she is certainly not above the occasional biting remark or outspoken opinion.

Riru has worked with Lieutenant Franklin Dorner in the past and has a self-proclaimed rivalry with him as he is a highly intelligent individual so sometimes inadvertently steps on other people’s toes by embarrassing them with his casually superior knowledge. Dorner, however, is not prone to respond to her occasional biting remark, and generally chooses to ignore any drama.

Dorner is not the only Tesla crew member who she has worked with in the past, and Riru has had some time with Captain Ryder as well. Though there are few who do not fall victim to Riru’s abrupt and outspoken manner, there are a select few she has learned to respect in her own way. Following an incident in which she witnessed Ryder’s tactical skills save the ship from a Borg attack, he earned a place of high regard in her mind. When she found that he was going to be the commander of his own ship, she was the first to volunteer for a position as the Chief Engineer on the Tesla and was thrilled to be the one selected from a long list of candidates.