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Profile Overview

Jennifer Weston

Human Female

Character Information


USS Retribution




Jennifer is shrewd and calculating. She doesn’t put up with people who do not follow her orders. Authority is what she thrives on. A woman with many talents including many martial arts and weapons disciplines. A lover of the darker side of the Federation and a firm believer of Section 31’s ideals.


Born in 2225 in the rolling hills of West Virginia Jennifer was born into a family who had been a part of the Federation since its inception. As Jennifer began to grow she was forced into a career path with the Federation due to her Father being an Admiral in the ranks of Starfleet. Though she loved her father she did not like being forced into her path in life. Jennifer rebelled at a young age never listening to her fathers orders, always doing what she was told not to do. The Admiral tried to discipline her, but it never seemed to work. 

Jennifer was headstrong and did not like her father guiding her path. She began to take up fighting and weapons. At only a young age she was proficient in multiple martial art styles and though many cuts were received she began to learn the weapons. She was whispered about in the groups where she lived as each art she perfected made people realize she was not to be messed with. 

At the age of 18 she was forced to go to Starfleet by her father. She had taken the test and passed for acceptance, as rebellious as she was she was highly intelligent and had skills that surpassed most her father had ever witnessed. He was trying to put her skills to use. Jennifer was bitter during her acceptance because her father had divorced her mother. Jennifer began to build a wall between her and her father. She still loved him, but not his beliefs and ways. 

Shortly after her first year in the Academy she was approached on her way back to her dorm with a chance to disappear. She eagerly wanted to know more which was promised if she agreed to the terms of her disappearance. Jennifer was last seen entering her dorm room when it exploded. Jennifer was lucky to have no roommates so the incident worked perfectly. No evidence that she survived was found. 

She was brought to the secret headquarters of Section 31 a group she had heard of in passing and of her fathers dismay for them. She was then made aware of S31’s agendas and beliefs. Jennifer immediately fell in love with the plans of S31. She had witnessed the helpless Federations feeble attempts to be diplomatic with their enemies which had never ended in positive negotiations. 

Jennifer’s first mission after joining was to go to the London Archives and acquire information on a new set of ships that S31 had been planning to build. Disguised as a Lieutenant in Starfleet she made her way to the archives. As she arrived she immediately was in awe of the production of weapons being worked on. She quickly gathered the information wanted by the command structure. As she began to scroll through the specifications she was in awe of the ships planned to be built. The designers name had been redacted but she saw the ships were bred for war. 

After a successful mission she returned with the information that she had been asked to retrieve. Jennifer began to ask questions of the plans to her superiors who began to slowly reveal the plans that S31 had. 

After many months of grunt work as the members put it. Jennifer was asked to help with the creation of a ship which was classified as a Dreadnought with the name Vengeance. Jennifer promptly accepted and was told to report to a station behind the moon IO. 

Jennifer’s first look of the ship was a quick glimpse but it’s sheer size alone was something she had burned in her brain. She figured she would be working on the main ship, but was part of the crew to begin production of the USS Retribution, a ship that was to be a backup if the Vengeance was destroyed. 

As Jennifer worked as a liason on many aspects of the ship her hatred for the beliefs of Starfleet began to fester as she heard more and more of the “peaceful” negotiations that they had planned to stop war. She began to formulate a plan one that was like none she had ever done even as rebellion against her dad. 

Jennifer had become friends with a group of people she had fully trusted and began to propose stealing the Retribution and the plans for weapons platforms codenamed Cerberus. The proposal was voted to proceed and Jennifer and the group took the Retribution away from the dock to another hidden facility, which is where it was to be docked when not in use.