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Profile Overview


Doctor Nelli

Phylosian Gender Non-binary

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Pimpinellifolia


Chief Medical Officer
USS Constellation


After coming to Earth as a diplomat from the sentient plant people of Phylosia, Lieutenant Commander Pimpinellifolia joined Starfleet as part of a long-term study to understand humanoids and the inherent risks they pose to galactic peace.  After choosing a new name for themselves from a human language, Doctor Pimpinellifolia graduated Starfleet Academy and medical school, and was assigned to Starbase 72 to bring peace to injured and ill humanoid bodies through medicine.  From there, Doctor Pimpinellifolia (called “Nelli” by friends) was recruited by Captain Taes to serve as chief medical officer for the science ships USS Dvorak and USS Sarek.  Secretly, Pimpinellifolia has never returned to their own people, as they continues to search if any form of mychorrhiza symbiosis can be discovered between humanoids and plants.  Upon the launch of the explorer USS Constellation, Doctor Nelli has served as the crew’s Chief Medical Officer.


As a Physlosian, Pimpinellifolia’s flora-based body is roughly human-sized, without being humanoid, in various shades of verdant green.  Their motive limbs consist of four leafy trunks.  From their mid-section protrude nine or eleven vine-like extensions that are prehensile enough to grasp and operate tools.  What a humanoid might call Pimpinellifolia’s head looks much like a large artichoke with furry bristles on the top, and red eye-stalks that look more like the style and stigma of a flower.