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USS Edinburgh (NCC-62120)

The events of the Romulan Star Empire's fall continue to unfold across the universe. Ambrose Harris and his crew from the USS Erigone are called to a bigger ship to race against time to find out the truth about an evil genius bent on destroying anyone in his path.


New Orleans-class • NCC-62120 • Task Force 47

The USS Edinburg is a New Orleans class ship that can be modified with the two modular pods for whatever the mission requires.  The current mission of the ‘Eddie’ or ‘Ed’ is to support the ongoing fleet action with the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire through engineering and medical needs.  Both pods are additional sickbay and medical spaces while the engineering crew is trained in combat engineering and rapid response.

The posting style of the Edinburgh is using specific dates in the post details and Location and Time in the written posts.

RPG Rating 2 1 2

Swearing is permitted, with some limitations. Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. Violence is permitted, with some limitations.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
ID: 2468
First Officer / Chief Counseling Officer
ID: 2468
Executive Officer / Chief Engineering - OPS Officer
ID: 2468
Chief Medical Officer
ID: 2468
Chief Science Officer
ID: 2468
Chief Security / Tactical Officer
ID: 2468
Helm Officer
ID: 2468
Emergency Command Hologram / Night Shift
ID: 2468
NPC Placeholder
ID: 2468

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26 June 2022

The Far Side of the Moon

USS Edinburgh: Wings of a Phoenix

USS Edinburgh – The Castle (bridge)  – 2100 “Commander, we’re arriving in the system,” Prentice announced from the helm.  He was feeling better and had been keeping his appointments with both doctors.  He still had work to do, but he felt comfortable being back on the [...]

25 June 2022

Taking a Breath

USS Edinburgh: Wings of a Phoenix

USS Edinburgh – Ready Room  – 0930 =^=That is…an odd development, Commander.”  Rachel Harris sat in her chair in her own ready room while her son, Ambrose Harris, did the same as she’d listened to his full report.  She’d shaken her head and replied in [...]

25 June 2022

The Walking Dead

USS Edinburgh: Wings of a Phoenix

Sharpened Cutlass  – 0830They made their way through the corridors picking their way through the scattered bodies of Romulans.  Reid and her team were going body by body checking for signs of life.  The security chief and his group followed behind them, weapons drawn.  Fires [...]

24 June 2022

The Ghost and the Darkness

USS Edinburgh: Wings of a Phoenix

USS Edinburgh – The Castle (bridge) – 0815 “They made it clear they didn’t want to ever see us again, Lieutenant.  What’s changed?”  Harris sat in the center chair as the red lights reminded everyone of their alert status.  He had turned to face Thasaz, his science chief [...]